Monday, November 2, 2020

235 Days, Wildlife, Beach, Halloween, Anniversary, Voting and Covid

It is hard to believe we have been at Shelter Inn Place for 235 days. We have tried our best to limit our contact with people. We do our morning walks and runs five or six days a week so at least we are staying in shape. The weather here has finally gotten more fall like so we did the beach and enjoyed the fresh air. We know everyone in the world is in the same situation, but that does not make it easier not being able to do what we want to do.  
We continue to see a lot of wildlife right here in Lex Lakes. Here is an anhinga drying its wings. I saw another one in the lake with a fish in its bill and as it tried to toss it in the air to swallow it the fish escaped. 
I finally got to see the bobcat. It stopped and gave me a long look.....
....before taking off. It seems there are two bobcats in our community as Nanc said this one is bigger than the one she saw.
The temperatures got more comfortable so we hit the beach. As you can see we had no problem social distancing. I think most people picture Florida beaches crowded with hundreds of people. Our experience is that you can almost always find a quiet spot.
Nanc enjoying being out in the sun.
Making it an even better day I caught some fish. This pompano was the nicest.
Lex Lakes is not a 55 plus community so we prepared for trick or treaters. Our neighbor Morgan went all out.
We practiced covid protocols putting our candy on a table in the driveway. We only had four or five kids and then it started to rain. Typical of Florida weather, the shower only lasted a few minutes. 
That evening we celebrated our 51 anniversary with our favorite home cooked meal, linguine with clam sauce. Sure was a change from our big 50th celebration last year, but still a wonderful evening.
The full moon coming up with Mars shining brightly above it. It was the first Halloween full moon since 1944.
Of course we voted. Florida has greatly improved their voting system since the 2000 debacle. We signed up for mail in voting for the next four years. Our ballots arrived in early October so we were able to take our time checking out local candidates and the several ballot issues. 
We mailed our ballots and could then tract them on line. They were received in a couple days and a few days later they were counted. Unfortunately, many states don't count the mail in ballots until election day or after so I think election day results will be a long time coming in.
If you know me you know that I voted Biden / Harris. 
Go Blue!!!! 
We felt we needed to do more than just vote so we signed up with the Biden Harris campaign to be poll workers. It was outside and social distancing protocols were followed so we felt safe.
The poll we worked at was an early voting site in Fort Pierce. A big part of the day was the Free My Vote march to support people who have served time in jail to be allowed to vote. Florida residents overwhelmingly passed an amendment to the constitution to allow this, but the republican governor and legislature added that ALL fines and costs must also be paid. Problem is, in many cases the state does not know what people owe. We will also be working on election day.

Covid - 19
Like all sane people we continue to follow protocols of mask wearing, social distancing and washing our hands often. We have ventured out a few times for a late afternoon lunch at places with outdoor seating that were being safe. But since our governor put everything back to 100% we now only go to places that are interested in protecting both their customers and employees by keeping tables spread out.  We call ahead and if the place is not doing that we tell them we may see them next year. 
When I wrote the last post on September 29 there were 7,367,177 cases and 210,140 deaths. As I write this only 34 days later, cases are at 9,229,716 with 230,679 deaths, We have hit new daily highs several times. The last couple weeks it has really hit home with us as six people we know in three different states have tested positive.