Tuesday, September 29, 2020

201 Days Elliott Museum

WOW, it is hard to believe we have been at Shelter Inn Place for 201 days. For most of that time we have limited our outings to grocery shopping with a couple trips to other stores. We have gone to the beach when it was not too hot. We did make a change in our routine this month when we decided we would be okay going out for a late lunch as long as we could sit outside and the places weren't crowded.
We are still in the Florida rainy season with either afternoon or morning showers, but almost never an all day rain. This past week on the first day of fall a "cold" front came through and lowered the humidity to a more comfortable level and dropped the temperatures from the mid 90's to the mid 80's. Other good weather news this week, there are NO storms brewing in the Atlantic, but hurricane season goes to the end of November.
We are still getting in our daily exercise and eating well. Nanc made some great shrimp tacos and I made margaritas. The meals at Shelter Inn Place continue to be healthy and delicious.
A big change in the local Lexington Lakes wildlife this month!!! We have a resident bobcat. This is a picture a neighbor captured. I have not seen it but Nanc has a couple times on her morning runs. 
Not a great picture but we also have a large family of raccoons living in the woods. Hopefully the fence will keep the alligators out;-)
The first time we ventured out other than shopping we visited the Elliott Museum. The original museum was built in 1961 by Harmon Elliott as a tribute to his father Sterling who was a prolific inventor. The current building, which opened in 2013, is described as A Work in Progress, with constantly changing exhibits. The biggest collection is the vintage vehicles.  
One of the most unusual exhibits is Wheels of Change. It is a three level rack system that holds over 50 cars. Cars can be retrieved with a robotic tray and brought down to this turntable to be displayed. This is the only one of its kind in the country. There was not a docent the day we were there to operate it for us but normally you can request that a car be brought down to enable you to get a better look. 
There are many one of a kind cars displayed here.
Part of the vehicle collection is in a gallery with facades of old downtown Stuart buildings on the walls.
If you are a car person the Elliott is a must see stop in Stuart.
Is it a boat? Is it a plane? Yes, it is both. It is a boat that was built from the fuel drop tank of a Grumman OV-1 Mohawk by retired Grumman employee Lawrence Regier. Lawrence was there the day we visited and was happy to tell us all about it. 
Many of Sterling Elliott's inventions dealt with improvements in bicycles and quadricycles. He also served as the president of the League of American Wheelmen.
Hugh Willoughby was the designer of the hydro-airplane pictured above. This is his pilot's license certificate from the National Aeronautic Association that was signed by Orville Wright. 
The General Store is a display of businesses from the late 1800's and early 1900's. There is an Apothecary Shop, Barber Shop, Ice Cream Soda Fountain, Post Office and more.
This hand-carved circus with 300+ figures was done by Bob Wyatt in the 1950's.
They have an exhibit of over 600 signed baseball cards and these game used bats. There are bats used by Josh Gibson, Ty Cobb, Rod Carew, Roberto Clemente and other old time players.
Some of the art on display.
The changing exhibit hall had a great collection of British motorcycles. The Elliott offers a very nice eclectic collection of art and history for a small town museum. 
Our first dining out experience since March. After visiting the Elliott we went to Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House for a late lunch. We sat outside and the tables were well spaced so we felt comfortable.
Pink sky in morning.
Another week and another dining out experience. This time was Kyle G's, a place we had never tried. Here we had a table overlooking the Atlantic. The food was great and once again we felt comfortable that they were following all the correct Covid protocols. We sure enjoyed eating out, but are unsure what the future holds as our governor has called off all Covid restrictions and declared the state is open for business. Places will not be getting our business if they eliminate social distancing and other safety procedures. 
We went to check out the waves from Hurricane Teddy that was several hundred miles off  coast. Teddy caused high surf warnings from here in Martin County all the way to Cape Cod. Unfortunately the beach at Blowing Rock where holes in the rocks send the waves high in the air was closed. 
We were sad to see all these turtle egg shells on the beach. The high surf destroyed over a hundred nests on Jupiter and Hutchinson Islands. The good news is there were over 700 nest so many more survived.
Nanc has run the Great Race in Pittsburgh many times over the years when we are in WashPA at the end of September. Because of the pandemic the race this year was virtual. You could run anywhere and send your time in. She did a great job with the fastest time for her age and finished 169 out of 361 female. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!
While most people are doing what should be done to slow the spread of Covid there are way too many people who are like this. It is hard to believe with the case and death numbers we have in this country. Total cases in the world 33,689,344; US cases 7,376,177. We have 21.9 % with only 4% of the world's population.
Total deaths in the world 1,008,617; US deaths 210,140 We have 20.8%. 
     These numbers are so sad.