Sunday, March 15, 2020

More Visitors from Up North

We continue to enjoy our new home and sharing it with friends. While we have a few things that need to be done around the house, it really does feel like home. It is only 1200 square feet but after 12 years of living in a 300 square foot motorhome it is like living in a giant mansion. 
Our latest visitors were Mike and Sherri. They have visited us at different places around the country as we've traveled and we've stayed at their cottage many times so we were looking forward to showing them around our new hometown. We seem to have developed a list of go to places when we have guests. Here they are on the St. Lucie River Riverwalk in downtown Stuart.
Another place we knew they would enjoy is the Heathcote Botanical Garden's display of bonsai trees. We have been there before and love going back. This tree, a Dwarf Jade Elephant Tree, has been in training since 1957, making it the oldest in the collection. They call it the "Mother Tree". 
This gecko was in full mating mode. I did not see him attracting any females, but he attracted us.
We saw this flowering bougainvillea a month ago when we were here with Georgie. Check it out a couple posts ago and see how much more it has bloomed. 
Once again people were in the garden working on the bonsai. The curator (left) was preparing to transport this tree to Epcot to be displayed.
They were picking all the brown or damaged leaves off the tree before sending it to Epcot and asked us to help find any and pinch them off.
There were different flowers in bloom from when we were here a month ago. Spring is well on its way here in South Florida.
The Japanese Garden at Heathcote is very neat.
Here we are with Mike and Sherri at Shuckers. This is one of the few places in the area where you can dine right on the Atlantic. The prices are reasonable, so it has become a go to place for our visitors.
Another day Mike and I surf fished on Jupiter Island. It was a very windy day. The fishing was fine, but not so the catching. The ladies stayed up near the dune out of the wind.
I think they were online playing Words with Friends with each other:). After a great visit, on Friday we had breakfast after which Mike and Sherri headed to the west coast to go to a Pirate spring training game. The Buccos were able to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory.
One of the resident herons at Lexington Lakes. 
Just an update on how we are handling the corona scare. We posted this sign in the guest bathroom as a reminder to our guests. Mary Lou who was scheduled to come down this month has cancelled her trip. Since this pandemic is nothing to sneeze at, we will be rescheduling our April trip to Mexico to December. Because we usually dine out so often we had to fill our larder with non-perishables. 

On another stix and brix note, we took advantage of lower interest rates and refinanced our condo loan. It will save us around a $100 a month, but now we have to move the date of the mortgage burning party from February 2049 to May 2050. Please adjust your calendars accordingly.


Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Glad to see you tried fishing, Next time we are there we will bring our poles. We always chalk up days with out catching as dues days, as in you got to pay your dues to learn a new area. Clear skies

Palamine said...

Looks like a pretty place. Enjoy your friends but no kissing.