Friday, November 8, 2019

Great Times in WashPA

I have not written much about the three months we spent in WashPA  because I had so many other things to write about. We had all our usual doctors and dentist appointments and made plans with all of them about having our records sent to our new doctors in Florida when we get them. We came through most of our medical exams with no problems except for Nanc. Her optometrist found she has a cataract that needs taken care of. He connected us with an eye doctor in Stuart and she has an appointment  right after we get there. Much of what we did in WashPA was spend time with friends and family. We still plan to return but our stay will not be as long.
We did a long weekend trip to Mooresville, North Carolina to Rick and Denise's beautiful new home on Lake Norman. 
The view from the guest bedroom of the dock and lake. 
We had a wonderful time getting in that Lake Norman state of mind.  We also got to get reacquainted with Denise's Mom, Lois.  It had been quite a while since we had seen her, and we had a very nice time getting caught up. Thank you  Denise, Rick, Lois and Lucy for a wonderful time.  We know their new home will bring them tons of joy and happiness.
A great stop on the way to Lake Norman is the New River Bridge in West Virginia. The third Saturday of October is Bridge Day, when people are allowed to climb on and jump off the 800 foot high bridge. We have been there to see that event and it is well worth adding it to your to do list.
On another family occasion my cousin Chuck invited us to a gathering at his place in West Virginia. Seated are Travis, Marissa, Carol and Deb; standing are Jim, Nanc, Rick, Denise, Greg and Chuck. Greg is also a cousin and is Chuck's brother.  Travis is Greg and Carol's son who brought his girlfriend Marissa. It was a great day getting caught up with family that we have not seen in quite a while.
Always high on our to do list in WashPA is John's homemade, wood fired pizza get-together. Top left are Anne Marie, Ron and a couple of John's neighbors. Pictured right are Nanc, Becky, Gail, Bill, Kim, Georgie and Donna. At the bottom are another neighbor, John and Ed. Thanks again John for a wonderful day.  As always, the pizza was wonderful.
Of course we always support the local music scene in WashPA. We attended the Washington Jazz Society Sunday Brunch show at the President's Pub a few times. On the guitar is Dan Baker, a former Washington student, and on the trombone is Jim Cope, a retired Washington teacher.   
That week Jeff, Cliff, Georgie, Ed, Nanc and Jim not only enjoyed the music, we also were to get caught up with what we have all been doing.  I worked with all of them for years.
More good friends, Darlene, Jim, Georgie, Nanc and Jimmy at the Union Grill where they say "Good Friends Meet". We visited Jimmy and Darlene at their place in Ohio on our way north. We were happy to hear they are going to be in Mexico the same time as Nanc and I in December, so we are looking forward to seeing them again.
Nanc, Jim, Georgie, Tim, Di, Sherri and Mike enjoying dinner at Al'an Rubens, another great locally owned WashPA restaurant. 
When we are in WashPA "the girls" get together on Thursdays for lunch, games and shopping. That gives Mike and me a chance to go to Shorty's for their famous hot dogs and then to go fishing at Cross Creek Lake. Here I am with a nice bass I lucked on to.
Mike always complains I only put pictures of the small fish he catches, so here he is with a BIG bluegill. He did hook a really big bass but it spit the hook out as he hoisted it to the dock.
On days when its too hot or raining, we go to the casino to bowl and lose some money. By the way, he did not get that split.
On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon we went to Vinoski Winery for wine, beer and pizza in their new wood fired oven. The beer and wine were great but they could use a few lessons from John on the pizza.  Here we are having a fun time with John, Patrice, Kim, Bill and Nanc.
They had a great band that was much better than the pizza. They played some old time rock and roll had the place jumping.
Rick celebrated his birthday on the Rhine River cruise. When we got back we got together with Marlene, who was our neighbor when we were growing up in Burgettstown years ago, for another celebration. Here are Nanc, Jim, Denise, Marlene and Rick at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza.
At the end of September we went to the Back Porch in Speers to celebrate Tommy's birthday. We paid tribute to him by nosing our spoons, something Tom always did. Top are Nanc, Georgie and Jim, Bottom are Tim, Di, Georgie, Mike and Sherri. I think this is why many restaurants no longer give diners a spoon.
One last time, it was back to Al'an Rubens on Wednesday for dinner and a bit of jazz with the Dan Baker Group. They are always a favorite for us when we are in WashPA.
In early October we went to Oglebay Park in Wheeling, WV for Oglebayfest, an annual arts and craft show. Our friends Karen and Donna were selling their beautiful unique handmade KARADONNA jewelry. Here they are with Nanc and Georgie. 

We had a great three-month stay in WashPA seeing so many friends and family. We left in the middle of October and stopped in Maryland to see Nanc's sister Michelle and her husband Keith. We then spent three weeks on Hatteras Island where we celebrated our 50th anniversary, the next post. We are now on our way to our new home in Stuart, Florida.

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