Tuesday, September 10, 2019

WashPA Friends, Aussie Friends and the Century Inn

We are into our WashPA routine of lunch and dinner with friends and family, going to doctor and dentist appointments, checking out the local music scene and making arrangements for making the move to Florida in the fall. Generally, the weather has been very nice with much less rain than we had last year and temperatures in the low to mid eighties.  
We do our best to keep several local restaurants in business while we are here. We got together with Ed, Donna and Georgie at the River House. They have very good sweet potato fries and I was pushing Sweet Treat to the owner. 
On one Sunday we went to Houlihan's for the Blues Society session with Jill West. Great evening of Blues with one of Pittsburgh's best. 
A bump in the road. On another Sunday we were on our way to the Washington Jazz Society Sunday Jam when I suddenly did not feel well. I went straight to Washington Hospital and they diagnosed me as being dehydrated. I ended up spending the night while they gave me IV's and ran several tests. It all turned out well. I feel very lucky as this was the first time I've been in the hospital since 1965, a pretty good record. A few weeks later I was back in the gown for my colonoscopy and again, I'm happy to report all is well.
The Century Inn in nearby Scenery Hill, the oldest continuously operated inn on the National Pike, burned in a tragic fire in 2015. Construction of the stone inn began in 1788 and was finished in 1794. 
This was all that remained of the rear addition after the fire. 
Fortunately, the thick stone walls survived the fire and the inn was rebuilt. This picture was taken in 2017 after the new roof and dormers were in place.
Looking at it today you would never know the building was destroyed by a fire. The restoration was done maintaining every historic detail. The inn has seven beautiful guest rooms.
The restored tavern with the original fireplace. Some of the original stone floors are still there and they even left a couple chard beams in place.
One of the three dining rooms, the Music Room. The new Chef's room overlooks the brand new kitchen. 
One of the few things saved the night of the fire was this original 1794 Whiskey Rebellion flag. More on that historical event and its ties to the Tidball family in the next post.
The retired teachers lunch bunch met in the Garden Room. Here are Joy, Georgie,Gail, Becky, Sandy Ron and Anne Marie sending some love to our colleague Lena who had surgery.
More love from Bernie, Kathy, Carol and Chuck....
.... Nanc, Jim and John. If you want to step back in time, have a great meal and enjoy a historical building, the Century Inn is not to be missed.
During our travels we often search out breweries and wineries. Little did we know the beautiful Vinoski Winery was down the road from the RV park where we are staying. The 34 room castle was built in the 1990's by Jay Lustig who was the financial advisor to the manger of the Rolling Stones. 
The castle was purchased by Walt and Roxanne Vinoski in 2017 and became the home of the winery. Vinoski is Polish and translates to Son of Winemaker. Nanc loved the huge corkscrew sculpture that actually turns. She tried but did not find a bottle of wine under it.  
Nanc really liked the red wine and I was really happy they had beer.
Patrice and John doing a tasting. We did buy a couple bottles and enjoyed one on the outdoor patio.
If it is Thursday you will usually find Mike and me at Cross Creek Lake while the ladies are out to lunch. Mike caught a real nice bass. 
In 2014 we met Ron and Rose at Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, LA. We had a fun time during their visit and have followed their world travels on Facebook since then. I saw on Facebook that they were in New York City and I left a comment that they should contact us if they get near Pittsburgh. A couple days later they were in Buffalo and sent us word that they would pass right by Pine Cove on their way to Gettysburg.
We were not going to miss a chance to see them and invited them to at least stop for lunch since a stay did not fit their schedule. Here are Rose, Nanc, Kelley, Peter and Ron enjoying a Pittsburgh lunch of Kielbasa, perogies and Iron City Beer. It was great seeing them, getting to meet their friends and sharing many travel tales. 
We have always said making and meeting friends is the best part of our full timing lifestyle and this was a perfect example. As we slow down our RV travels we may have to put Australia on our to do list as we have friends down under to see.
As you read this we are on our way to Europe for eleven days for a Rhine River cruise. More on that adventure coming soon. 

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