Monday, January 7, 2019

Christmas In the Keys

High on our list of favorite places since we went on the road is the Florida Keys Elks. There are only a dozen sites but they offer a great view of the gulf and sunsets. The other thing we love about this place is the many friends we have made here and see when we return each year. 
The sunsets have not been quite as spectacular as the picture we use on the blog header, but seeing the tiki hut and palm trees and the Christmas lights is still fantastic.
Because I don't get up that early I don't see the sunrise in the east, but I did see the full moon in the western sky one morning. That is Dennis and Sue's rig right by the water.
We had a couple days of heavy winds from the west and they had to move their rig to avoid getting the salt water on it. That is what I call a real waterfront site.
You never know what you will see here in the tropics. This manatee swam right passed the end on the dock. The water was not real clear that day because of the wind.
This beautiful white heron spends a lot of time on the dock. A local fisherman often feeds it so when he shows up the bird flies in. That means it is used to being near people so you can get close for pictures. 
Many locals think iguanas are like rats and a big nuisance, but we think they are pretty neat. See if you can find the five in this picture.
A tradition at the Elks is arriving in a Model T for the sunset and announcing it by blowing on the conch shell.
So far during this stay the sunsets have not been as great as in the past, but they all have their own unique beauty.
This was different. We met Steve and Caroline for lunch at Peurto Vallarta, our favorite local Mexican restaurant. What was different was we were Facebook friends who had never gotten together. I used to work with Caroline's cousin, Margaret, and she contacted me about becoming fulltimers. They have since decided to settle near Orlando and not RV. It was a great time sharing stories about our fulltime lifestyle. 
Another interesting sunset view from Opus' front window.
While we always gather for the sunsets, on Christmas Eve we had a special sunset happy hour with appetizers with all the RVers. This is Gene and Diana who left New Year's day and went to Floridays the park we stayed at in Hobe Sound.
Beth and Dean are regulars that are usually here when we are. 
We met Mary here last year. Bob was a new camper who also left the first of January.
Sue and Dennis, who we met last year, are from Northern PA. They were all set for the holidays.
Tim and Patty are the camp hosts at the Elks and do a great job of keeping everything running smoothly.
Nanc and I all decked out for Christmas.
Christmas Eve sunset at the Elks. 
All the same group went to the Lazy Lobster for Christmas dinner. Everyone got to choose their favorite dish and we were all happy with the food. We have spent seven of our twelve years on the road in Florida for Christmas. This was our first time in the Keys for the holiday. 

We will be driving the CRV to Stuart for the closing on our new home this week. More to follow.

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