Friday, November 30, 2018

Beach Time and Steelers

While in Brunswick we realized the Steelers were playing the Jags in Jacksonville on Sunday. We checked and found there were plenty of tickets available so we decided to go to the game. In addition, we were fortunate to snag a spot in Jacksonville at Hanna Park, a city run campground that is an easy walk to the beach.
Hanna Park is a bit tight, but doable for a big rig among all the trees. One thing, being in Florida camping is a year round activity. There were very few people here when we arrived on Thursday and most were gone when we left on Monday. On the weekend we were surrounded by tents and many families. Sure brought back memories for us when we camped with our families.
The park is near the mouth of the St. Johns River so there were a lot of ships going in and out of the port.
The birds must be used to people. You had to get really close before they would fly away, unlike Hatteras were they took off before we could get close enough for good pictures.
It was sunny but cool, but not enough to keep Nanc from collecting shells on the beach.
I thought this bird was injured as it hopped along on one leg until I got real close. Then it put down the other leg and ran, not fly away. 
On Sunday the weather warmed up so it was very nice at the game. There were many fans and a few were going after the Jaguar outside the stadium.
We went in early to check out our seats and get a picture in front of the huge scoreboard screen.
The crowd coming in was about 40% black and gold. Steelers fans always travel with their team.
Check out all those Terrible Towels as the Steelers take the field.
The Star Spangled Banner was unfurled as the national anthem was played. Jags season ticket holders get to hold the flag. A chance to do that would be really neat.
This still picture captures how well the team moved for almost three quarters. It looked like we were going to be in for a disappointing day.
Half time was very neat with the US Army Golden Knights parachute team coming down. They hit the field perfectly.
The second half started like the first with the Steelers getting down 16-0. Then with 1:17 left in the third quarter they scored a Ben to Brown touchdown, but missed the two-point conversion. With 2:29 left in the game they were still down 16-6. Then they scored on a Ben to McDonald pass making it 16-13. The defense held and they drove to the one yard line with time running out. As you can see on the scoreboard with 00.05 to go Ben squeaked across the goal line and we along with thousands of other Steelers fans went away with big smiles. What a GREAT day!!!  

We have moved to Hobe Sound for a month before heading to the Keys next month.