Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A busy week at Betty's RV Park

The fun times continue here at Betty's RV Park. I have been under attack from the spring pollen and have not been feeling that well with a runny noise and headache. I have not been spending a lot of time at happy hour and passed on the Cajun Jam Session because I did not want to spend the afternoon in a smoke filled room. 
Ever wonder what we do with all those beads?  Well, Betty uses them as ground cover around the party patio an deck.
They add some color to Betty's decor and are easily replaced with new ones every year.
We have been going out for crawfish on Fridays and this week we tried a new place for the mudbugs, Shucks, a local place that is most famous for oysters. I opted for the crab cakes.
There were 24 people from Betty's and Shucks was able to handle all of us with out any problems.
Betty's son Reid was putting up a new shed and a few of us pitched in to help. The first step was leveling and building the floor. Richard, Jim and I are working under Betty's supervision.
Next was the floor to which the outside walls were attached. It was like doing a giant 3-D puzzle 
With all the walls up we had to assemble the metal roof rafters.
The gables, doors and roof panels were put on and we were done. Reid now has a place to hid his stuff.
On Sunday a few of us went to New Iberia to see The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. It was very well done and what a fun show by the Iberia Performing Arts League. They even had a house band  w
The cast taking a bow for a wonderful performance. When we bought our tickets there were only a half dozen seats available so we were in the last row. Just before the play started the usher asked if we would like to move closer. Sure!!! We ended up front row center!
After the play the Whorehouse group dined at El Chili Verde, a great Mexican restaurant in New Iberia.
We had a going away party for Jim and Deb so of course the fireball came out, Very dangerous stuff!
Another day, another neat, out of the way place for lunch, Suire's. It is several miles from the nearest town but attracts a big lunch crowd. Since we were last there they have added a picture of CNN's Anthony Bourdain, who visited for lunch.
The Suire's lunch bunch. In addition to great food, the decor with all the articles from local and national papers are very interesting.
I went with my favorite, the turtle sauce picante that came with rice, potato salad, catfish, a roll and a piece of lemon cake. If you are in the area and want to check out a unique restaurant Suire's should be on your list.

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