Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Secrets Royal Beach - Punta Cana

We love going to Secrets Resorts as part of our Unlimited Vacation Club. It is great to be able to kick back and be waited on by the staff. Check out our previous post about the service we received on our anniversary. Going to the pool and soaking up the sun is our number one priority and our toughest decision is, where will we dine tonight? This year we decided to return to Secrets Royal Beach in Punta Cana where we joined the club five years ago. 
This was our view for our two week stay. We could see the ocean and the pool through the beautiful palms. The resort came through the recent storm in good shape.
This guy was cutting damaged palm fronds out of the tops of the trees. He used two ropes to climb and a machete to chop away the fronds. Very interesting.
At the top of our list of reasons for loving Secrets is the staff. They do the best to make our stay great. The rum tasting even got me dancing.
Nanc enjoying the rum.
Every evening the entertainment team has a show on the plaza.
Every day they have activities on the beach and at the pool. Darts on the beach in the morning.
Pool exercise in the afternoon.
A new, unique experience for us was a foam party in the pool. Who knew a bunch of crazy adults could have such a fun time.
My beautiful wife.
If you are a beach person, Punta Cana is great with a wide sandy beach.
Depending how the wind was blowing the water sometimes had a lot of seaweed. The day I went in the water was clear and beautiful.
We were there for Halloween and I went as a waiter with my Secrets hat and shirt. I did not win the prize but the staff loved it.
The Tribute Show was fantastic with music honoring a variety of artists from Whitney, to Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra and more.
We spend every day at the pool soaking up the sun and meeting people. We met Artie, who was born in Muse and now lives in Eldersville (the town next to where we grew up) and knows several of our friends and family. Small world!
No night swimming, but the pools and the lights are beautiful.
The fire show was our one of our favorites. 
This guy must love the heat.
At the end of the show all these women poured the hot wax from their candles on him. Nanc was first and was a bit reluctant but it did not burn him.
The entertainment dancers' "day job," showing off their beautiful Dominican outfits. Cupid was doing a great job shooting the love arrows at unsuspecting couples. 
One thing that never disappoints at Secrets is the staff. Everyone is wonderful from the moment you check in until you have to say good bye. They go above and beyond to make sure all your wants and needs are taken care of. Here is the Preferred Club pool staff whom we interacted with the most.
Here we are with our butler, Martin, who we can't say enough about. He is from Haiti and speaks, French, Spanish and English. He was there for our every need and was personally responsible for our wonderful anniversary celebration.  

We had a great time, but both of us ended our stay getting bad colds, so we were very miserable the last few days. We were also disappointed that Rick and Denise, who were supposed to fly down for a few days, had to cancel.

We are now back in Naples until Saturday and then will be heading to the East coast until the beginning of the year. We will be in Jenson Beach for a month and then two weeks near Jupiter for the holidays before heading to the Keys in January. 


Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Its easier to dance when your not holding a shot of rum!

The Hesters said...

What a beautiful vacation with a lot of fun thrown in! Sounds like that place is a dream. Happy anniversary. We are currently at Betty's in Abbeville for a few days and Merlene and Dan are here too! We missed having you two with us at happy hour last night! Enjoy Florida.