Monday, September 11, 2017

Shumaker - Santek Wedding

The wedding of my cousin Missy and her husband Marty's son Michael Santek and Amanda Shumaker was a special day for us as my parents Bob and Betty watched Mike from the time he was six weeks old. Since Bob and Betty's sons never had children, Mike and his brother Marty were like their grandchildren. That sure took a lot of pressure off of Rick and me:)
The wedding was at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, a new event location that is a beautiful setting for any affair.
The wedding was on Friday evening and we opted to stay at the hotel where the wedding party was staying. Talk about luck!  We got to ride to the wedding in the limo. Nothing like going in style.
Proud parents Marty and Missy Santek. It was a big week for them as they celebrated their 37th anniversary the same week as the wedding.
The grooms brother Marty and bridesmaid Liz Martini.
The ring bearer Ricky Shumaker stole the show with his Secret Service look and carrying the ring in a locked briefcase that was handcuffed to his wrist. Mike is a Pittsburgh police officer so the cuffs were the real thing.  Notice he also had an earpiece to ensure all was in sync. 
The beautiful bride Amanda and her mom Jody.
Amanda and Michael exchanging vows.
The unlocking of the rings. Ricky did a great job.
I missed "the kiss" but as you can see this is one happy couple.
The new Mr. and Mrs. Michael Santek!!!
My Aunt Elsie (Missy's mom), Marty, Missy. Uncle Smitty (Missy's dad) and Dee (Missy's sister). The grandparents of the groom are still going strong at 90. It was great seeing them all.  
The happy parents.
Happy grandparents.
All those relatives of Missy and Marty who attended the wedding. Most of them are from our home town and we have not seen many of them for a while so it was great getting caught up.
The new Santek Family Marty, Amanda, Michael, Missy and Marty.
Gotta love Denise's dress. She is always up on the latest in fashion.
Mike's bachlor party was in Nashville so they took the Stanley Cup to show the locals on Broadway. Many people signed the cup but a few Nashville residents comments were not very nice. We loved it, we got to raise the Cup.  
The beautiful bride and handsome groom.
Cousins and spouses Marty, Missy, Rick, Denise, Mike, Marty, Nanc and Jim. We sure are happy the wedding was during our time in PA so we could be part of the celebration.
Mike enjoying himself as he retrieves the garter from Amanda. 

A follow up to the wedding, their new life together got off to a stormy start as they honeymooned in Punta Cana during Hurricane Irma. They had to evacuate to Santo Domingo for three days to escape the worst of the storm. They made it back to Punta Cana, but as I write they were not sure they would be able to get out on their scheduled flight. I'm sure it was a trip to remember.


Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Family weddings are so special!

Daniel Quinn said...

We are going to get our refrigerator change to the Amish cooling unit.
After you got yours done was it better? Can you keep ice cream in it? It looks like you are having a great time at home.