Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sioux Falls, SD and Family

From Mitchell it was a short drive to Sioux Falls. We stayed at the Grand Falls Casino in Iowa, ten miles east of town. This is a good stop at $20.00 a day during the week and $30.00 on the weekend. Of course, we left more than that in the slots. We are very happy that while we were here we did get to watch the Pens win the Cup for the fifth time.
They really have a thing about big roadside art in the West. This is Porter Sculpture Park west of Sioux Falls. The bull head is 60 feet tall.
There was a full moon while we were there and Nanc got this picture of a pterodactyl flying at the moon.
We have seen the LOVE sculpture in Philadelphia but I think I love this one better, It was outside an interesting little brew pub, Monk's House of Ale Repute.
Falls Park on the Big Sioux River is a great 123 acre park in the middle of the city. The falls drop 100 feet over the Sioux Quartzite, the second hardest rock after diamonds. Many historic, local buildings were constructed with this rock.
Monarch of the Plains. All of the plains states we have been through this spring celebrate the buffalo that once roamed the plains by the millions.
The falls attracted many businesses that harnessed the power of the water. This was a grain mill and an electric plant. The mill was not successful because there was neither enough grain or water. Only the walls of a couple floors remain from the seven story building that burned in 1956. There is also a 26 mile bike trail that starts in the park and loops around the city.
How about this RV. It looks like it could take on any kind of road. We talked to this couple from France who are traveling from the United States to South America on a 16 month adventure with their two kids.
Downtown Sioux Falls has an interesting sculpture walk. The artist's place their works along the street and the city buys the people's choice for permanent display. I like this one for its usefulness. 
A neat variety of works about people.
A few whimsical works.
And some interesting animals.
The main reason we stopped in Sioux Falls was to see my cousin Grace. We have not seen her in over ten years so it was great visiting and getting caught up. What a bonus, she has a wonderful pool. Nanc and Grace soaking up the sun.
Marlene and Jim trying to play paddle ball. I loved being in the water on one of the hottest days of the year.
Grace, Jim, Nanc and Marlene after a great meal. We spent several hours at their place and had a wonderful time hearing about all their adventures. As we always say, meeting and seeing friends and family on the road is the best part of our RV lifestyle. 
WOW!!  The casino was celebrating its sixth anniversary so they had fireworks for us.
On Sunday we had our own fireworks as we watched the Pens clinch the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row. Another great championship for Pittsburgh.

Since leaving Sioux Falls we spent a very busy week in Omaha, including a trip to Lincoln to tour the capitol, in addition to doing several things in the city that will be covered in our next post. We are now in Des Moines, IA for a week to add another capitol to our list and explore the area.   


Jan Mains said...

We didn't see all the games, but watched the last one. I love that sculpture on the bench. It's the prettiest of all the artwork.

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Good post. Nice info on the falls and we are laughing about the beer sculpture.