Monday, January 23, 2017

On to San Diego and the Women's March

We left Yuma and headed to Mission Bay RV Resort in San Diego for a month long stay. In addition to doing some exploring, we knew some friends were also going to be there so we were looking forward to a fun time. The weather the first week has been less than ideal with temps being a bit cooler than normal and as I write, the third of three big rain and wind events is starting. We did take advantage of the sunny days taking walks around Mission Bay and a nice bike ride out to the ocean. We arrived in time to cheer the Steelers on to victory only to be disappointed a week later.
The drive on I-8 first takes you through the Imperial Valley, the major agricultural are in Southern California. The highway goes down to several feet below sea level around El Centro.  
It then climbs to over 4000 feet above sea level through an area with some of the worst winds in the country. Fortunately, the windmills were turning very slowly the day we were here. The final decent into Dan Diego is a long 13 mile 6% grade. Sure love the engine brake on these kind of days.
We knew Dodo and Bernie were going to be at Mission Bay RV Resort and were happy to find them only a couple sites away. We have been enjoying happy hours together.
Mt. Soledad is a great place to get a wonderful view of the whole San Diego metropolitan area from the ocean, to the city, to the mountains. 
Atop the mountain is the National Veterans Memorial. Plaques honoring veterans from all the services are placed around the memorial. It was very windy the day we were there so it was only a photo op and then we moved on. 
Looking north along the Pacific coast toward La Jolla.
Looking south to downtown San Diego. Hopefully the weather will be clearer on our next visit. We were told you can see the snow capped mountains near Los Angeles on a clear day.
Our first West Coast sunset in quite a while. Not sure what you call this type of hang glider, but they just stepped off the cliff above the ocean and soared back and forth along the coast like a bird, no motor. It looks like a lot of fun.
Paul and Trudy, who we met at the Elks in the Keys and cruised with last spring, are in the campground right next us. We got together for lunch and they showed us around the area. We are looking forward to seeing more of all our friends while here. 
There is a walking/biking trail right by the park that connects with the Pacific Beach boardwalk. It is a great ride along the water and through some beautiful neighborhoods along the bay.
Must be a California thing, "sax" on the beach.
On Friday Dodo and Bernie had us over for a great dinner of salmon that Bernie caught this fall in Oregon. After a day of watching the Inaugural activities we all needed a couple toddies. We decided it would be great to attend the San Diego Women's March on Saturday to register our concerns about the new administration. 
We were up early Saturday and after a yummy Mexican breakfast at El Indio we headed for downtown. We were lucky to snag a parking spot near the Civic Center, but there were so many people we could not see the speakers but we could hear the speeches. The march started after that, but with so many people it took over a half an hour before we moved.  
The crowd was estimated to be over 30,000 and included young babies, teens, young adults and  many old farts like me. While the signs showed that people had many different issues, they were united by there dislike of the new president's plans. 
Even with all these people it was very orderly and polite. One group was passing out drums to marchers to liven up the scene.
The signs sum up peoples concerns much better than I can.

I can say you will never hear me say he is not my president, that is not the way the system works. That said, the Constitution also not only allows but encourages the people to express their grievances. These marches all over the country and the world is a way to express our concerns with the new administration. 
I think this sums up how I feel even more the day after the march than on Saturday. In the last 24 hours I have heard the new president use his bully pulpit talking about crowd size while his people deny the photographic proof and tell us they have "alternative facts". This denial of FACTS to me is scarier than any policy changes they might put in place.  We will never give up HOPE.

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