Monday, December 26, 2016

Dealing with RV Issues

I have posted a couple blogs since the beginning of October about RV issues; installing a new oven and getting the AC/heat pump repaired. Well, both of those things where not completed satisfactorily until recently, so here is the story. 
This is where we were when I last blogged about the new oven that Tom and I installed in September. When we turned it on we got an error message that a vent was not operating properly. 
On September 26 the GE repairman took the oven apart and found the wire controlling the vent had not been connected during assembly. He connected it and we tried the microwave that day and it worked fine. We had not used the oven before we left WashPA on October 1. That evening we turned on the oven to bake a pizza. In a short time it got so hot the smoke alarm went off and fortunately it just died before I could unplug it. We called GE to explain what happened and that we would not be in one place for almost a month. They told us to call when we arrived in Mesa and they would send a serviceman out. I failed to get a picture of the first serviceman's visit on October 30, but after checking it he said he needed to order parts.
On November 7th GE sent two servicemen to install the new part and test the convection oven. Guess what, more bad news, the convection oven still did not work so they needed to order more parts.
They did at least fix it enough that we could use the microwave without fear of fire until the parts arrived. Three days later on November 10 we got a call from GE telling us the parts would not be in until December 9.  So much for having an oven for Thanksgiving. At that point I called our GE customer service rep and got them to agree to replace the oven with a new one. They agreed but it could not be delivered during the ten days before we left for vacation. When we got back from Mexico there were three packages of parts waiting for us leading me to think we were back to repairing the oven. I was not happy.
Another call to GE and we were assured we were getting a new oven and it was delivered and installed on December 19. But our GE saga is still not over.  Two of the three packages of parts (on the drivers seat) are still waiting to be picked up by FedEx for return, probably some time in 2017. 
Hooray, only a bit over three months after picking up our oven in Pennsylvania we were able to bake a pizza. It was a long and frustrating ordeal but we do want to give a shout out to our GE customer service rep Jason who was very professional and went to bat for us to get the new oven.
The second ongoing issue was the AC unit that we had repaired at Duncan RV Service in Elkhart in October. We were happy with Duncan's service but when we got to Dodge City, KS I noticed the AC shroud was gone. We have no idea when or where it blew off. Fortunately, I was able to buy a new cover at an RV dealer in Dodge. Unfortunately, it was not the right part as it was not vented like the old one. When we got to Mesa I called Duncan and they agreed to pay for not only the the shroud we bought in Dodge, but a new, properly vented one. It did take a couple more calls before we got the check, but that was an inter-office issue so we are giving a shout out to the service we received at Duncan. They did not cut us off because we were so many miles away.  So, although it was a long, slow, frustrating slog, both companies did the right thing by us and we thank them.

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Good post, about the travails of living in an rv.