Sunday, October 9, 2016

RV Projects -- Remove Diamond Shield -- Install new Microwave / Oven

During our time in WashPA I usually try to get at least one major RV project out of the way.  It can be anything from a very good waxing to replacing the old TVs. My plan this year was to remove the Diamond Shield from the front of Opus.  In addition, while we were in Vermont the old microwave convection oven died so I ended up with two big jobs this year.    
The front of the rig has looked pretty bad the last couple of years.  This is the result of nicks in the clear cover that allowed moisture to get between it and the paint.  The moisture turned to mold and as you can see it has been spreading. I did some research on the removal of the Diamond Shield protective cover and learned that in most cases the paint under it will still be in good shape.
Not knowing how long it would take I started on the bottom where it was the worst.  It was a very slow process pealing the cover off, but I was very happy to find the paint was in very good shape.
This was all I needed to do the job.  I ended up using the plastic scrapers to loosen an edge and then pulling it off with my fingers.  Sometimes it helped to heat it first with the hair dryer and sometimes it did not seem to matter.  On the first part the Goo Gone worked very well in removing the glue, spraying it on and then using the plastic razor blades to remove it.
This is a good before and after shot. It was a long slow process. To have this done professionally I had heard of people paying from $1,000 to $1,500. After doing it myself, I can tell you it was worth saving that much money, but I would not do it for someone else even if they offered me double that much. So don't even ask.
I found that using the Goof Off a couple times and scraping the residue off the the razor blade, then finishing with the Goo Gone wiping the last bit of glue with a rag worked the best. From my research I knew to remove the glue from each small area, maybe two square feet, as you went or the glue would harden in the sun and be more difficult to remove. 
After completing the lower worst part, I moved on to conquer the rest of it. That is when I started using the Goof Off because for some reason the Goo Gone was not doing the job on this part. 
The front hood was the only place where I had a problem with the paint peeling.  Fortunately, the worst peel was on the sides where it does not show.  The only peel that you can see is one small area on the red paint.  I think it was from a stone hitting it hard enough that the Diamond shield did not do the job.
 There were a few small nicks in the paint that even the Diamond Shield did not prevent. After each big area was done I waxed it with Meguiar's paste wax. That got the seal of approval from Nanc.  
The final section was the dark brown paint at the top.  I had read that it could be harder to remove the film on the darker colors and it proved to be true.  I was very happy that the paint did not peel in this area, an issue that some people have had with the darker colors.
When the whole front was done I gave it a good washing and put four or five coats of wax on it.  Overall, we are very happy with the results and I do not plan on replacing the Diamond Shield.  The worse problem will be bugs, so I will have to be diligent in removing them after each day of driving.
The next project was removing the old and installing the new GE Profile microwave convection oven.  I called Newmar to ask how it was installed and the information they gave me was wrong.  Go figure.  The old one was put on the back plate (shown here) but in the front they just put screws through the side of the oven cover, There was no board on top to hang it from or enough room to get the required bolts in if there had been one. Their original method would not work for the new oven.
One reason I do these kinds of jobs while we are in WashPA is I can call on my friend Tom who has the tools and the knowledge to help get the job done.  We had to removed the old back plate because, of course, it did not match the new oven.  
Other than that, the new oven was a great fit. Even the vent matched so no modifications were needed. 
 Since there was no board to bolt it to, we had to attach boards to the oven before putting it into place.  The back sits on the plate and screws through the board into the 2 X 4 and 2 X 6 support the front.
After one false start, it was not level front to back so we had to raise the back plate and then it was in the right place, good news.  Bad news, when we plugged it in and turned it on it did not work and it said "damper stuck service may be needed".
Service arrived on Monday, our last in WashPA, and the oven needed to be removed to be worked on.  We were not real happy with GE at this point, but Tim the repair guy was very good.
Here is our new microwave spread out on the floor.  Guess what?  Someone had failed to attach a wire that controls the damper which opens when using as a microwave and closes when using as a convection oven.  Tim attached it, heated a cup of water in the microwave and it worked just fine.
With the oven back in place and the fascia board attached this should be the end of the story, it's not.  On Saturday, our first day on the road, we were heating the convection oven to make a pizza when suddenly the smoke alarm went off followed quickly by the oven shutting down.  No oven, no fan, no clock, no light.  We quickly unplugged it and were relieved that it did not burst into flames. We called GE to tell them what happened and that we were traveling and would not be in one place for more than a few days until we get to Arizona. So when we arrive in Mesa we will have to schedule a service appointment.  I'm hoping they can fix it without removing it again, but I have my doubts.  

Oh, by the way, Nanc was quite busy during this time too.  She was cleaning the inside of the motorhome from top to bottom.  Slowly we are getting all the projects done.  Hopefully, the oven won't turn into a problem.

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