Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fun Time in WashPA

Since returning to WashPA from our trip to Lake Norman we have been very busy dealing with doctors, getting caught up with friends and working on an RV issue, all while doing our best at supporting many local restaurants.  The RV issue happened when we tried to turn on the AC after a week away it would not come on. Short story, the local mobile repair guy we called could not fix it, long story we now have an appointment in Elkhart in October to have it worked on or maybe replaced.  Bad news no AC, good news we borrowed an extra fan from Tom and Georgie and the weather has gotten more fall like.
On the first evening we were back from North Carolina we went to the Union Grill, another great locally owned restaurant, and we just happened to run into my cousin Missy's husband and son, Marty and Marty who were having dinner there.  Missy and Marty want to get together and talk about RVing as they are both nearing retirement age and want to buy an RV so they can travel the country a few months a year.  They said they want to be like us, how cool!!
You know we love all kinds of music and search it out wherever we are.  We were happy to see the Kopper Kettle, another great local restaurant, had entertainment on Friday evenings.  We have seen Tom Terling before and really enjoy his music except that it did not start until 9:30, almost past our bedtime. 
Always high on our to do list is having John's wonderful wood fired pizza.  We jumped at the chance when he called and said he had some extra dough from a previous gathering and wanted us to come over.
John is a great cook and is always looking for something new to cook in his oven.  These are wings that he cooked at 700 degrees.  They were fantastic.
John invited Mary Lou to join us and we had a great time getting caught up with her while eating wings, salad, bread sticks and pizza.
Since there were only five of us, John even had time to enjoy his own creation.  After a couple beers and pizza I was happy to just sit back.
Another evening we drove to the South Hills of Pittsburgh and met Tom and Georgie at Someone Else's, another one of those great, locally owned places we love to patronize.  They have the best burgers around.
When we are in WashPA Nanc gets together with the ladies, Georgie, Di, Sherri and Mary Lou, one day a week for lunch, shopping and games.  Mike and I usually take advantage of the free time to go to lunch at Shorty's, a great old time hot dog shop, and do some man stuff.  This week it was fishing at Cross Creek Lake.  Mike caught the first fish, a very scrappy bass, and I was feeling disappointed with one blue gill. 
Then I hooked and landed this beautiful bass.  It was a real fight with this big boy pealing line off the reel.  By far this is the biggest fish I have ever landed at Cross Creek.  I think we will be back here next week weather permitting.

We had our dentist appointments for cleaning and Nanc had to return for a filling and new crown.  She also had her doctor's appointment this week and is happy to report all is well but had to schedule  ANOTHER appointment for a bone density scan.  Oh the joys of getting old but as long as all the tests come out good we are thankful.  We only have four more weeks here and still have to see the optometrist for new glasses and contacts and our primary care doctor for check-ups.  We have tickets for a Pirate game and more friends to see, so we will continue to be very busy during September. 


Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Quality time in Elkhart, been there and done that.

Jan Mains said...

We're in Weirton until the 13th. We had a problem with our AC and Rocky's Mobile RV Repair out of St. Clarisville, OH came out repaired it. It turned out to be a wire from our thermostat. AC's are his specialty and he brought an AC replacement with him in case we needed a new one.

We'll head to Goshen when we leave here. Hope our paths cross.