Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another Busy Week

Looking at our calendar we knew it would be another busy week in WashPA.  Of course it was not all work and obligations and no play.  We had an appointment with our financial planner, my brother Rick, and are happy to report that we will be able to continue our full time lifestyle.  We both had eye doctor appointments, Nanc for new contacts and new glasses for me.  I also have been busy working at a big project on Opus that I will report on when it is complete.  Nanc got together with the ladies for their usual lunch and games session.  
Like I said, we did play a bit.  On Labor Day Tim And Di had a cook out and pool party and a few of us took advantage of a beautiful day, taking a dip.  Tom, Jim, Tim and Ron soaking up the sun and the warm water.
Sherri, Georgie and Di with just a small bit of the food.
Di's cousin Karen and her husband Ron enjoying the feed.
Tim was the burger and dog chef while I did my best to stay out of the way.
It was great seeing Judy and Mike.  They are birders and do one or two big trips a year, so we always want to hear about their latest adventure. 
Sherri, Nanc, Mary Lou and Gail chowing down.  We go way back with these ladies and it sure is great getting caught up with what has been happening in their lives.
Georgie and Tom enjoying their meal.  It was a fun day with all these friends.  While we don't get to see them all the time, when we do it is just like we saw them yesterday.
Always high on our WashPA to do list is seeing our old stix and brix neighbor.  We lived by Dorothy for almost thirty years.  We called her our second mom because she tried so hard to keep us in line, not an easy job.  We were happy to see her daughter Tina was visiting.  We missed her when we stopped in Blacksburg last summer, but did get to see her husband Chuck.  It was great seeing both these wonderful ladies.  
Two days after our visit was Dor's 93rd birthday so we sent her flowers for the occasion.  She is still going strong and still very sharp.  She remembers things we did way back in 1978 when we became neighbors that I never do.
On Friday we went to the Pirate game with Mike, Sherri, Georgie and Tom.  We had a fun time even though the Bucs just aren't that good this year.
We love PNC Park, one of the best views of any ball park in the country.  We had great seats overlooking the field and the Pittsburgh skyline.
Unfortunately, there were no fireworks as the Buccos went down to the Reds.  This years' poor record was reflected by the low attendance.  When we went last year it was a sellout.  Oh well, for those from the Burgh it is time for the next season, HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!! 

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Bobbie and Jim said...

Nice to see recent photos of you, dear friends. Glad you got to see your home friends.