Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Birthday and More Time With Friends

The busy times continue (so busy I'm behind with the blog) in WashPA with a week of getting together with friends, one last doctors visit and wrapping up a couple RV projects (a later post).
The week started with my brother Rick's birthday.  Our friend Marlene invited us all to dinner, making Rick's favorite lasagna and we had a great meal and a great time with her and her family.  I'm not sure if the person who put the candles on the cake was dyslexic or if they were just making Rick happy.
Kathy, BJ and Julie getting ready for dinner.  This was the first time we have seen them since last summer at Lake Norman in North Carolina.
Marlene, Mike, Denise and Rick.  Not only did we have a wonderful meal we had Mike's homemade wine, a family tradition he is carrying on from his father, John.
Lori and Nanc and a reflection of the rest of the Antonetti family and me.
Marlene and her boys John and Mike.  It was a great day seeing all Marlene's family and celebrating Rick's "16th".  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!!!! 
On Wednesday we returned to  Bacon, Bourbon and Beer with the teachers' lunch bunch.  These people know how to enjoy their retirement, gathering every week for a two hour lunch after years of only having 25 minutes to eat because they had to be back in the classroom.  Here are Joy, Linda, Nanc and Becky on the left and Charlie, Tom, Georgie, Sandy and John on the right.
Here are Ron, John, Patrice (hiding) and Becky.  We always look forward to seeing all of them and checking out the newest, locally owned restaurants that they search out each week. 
On another evening we had dinner with Tim and Di at a new, local restaurant, Markook.  We then went to their place to see pictures and hear all about their trip to Alaska this summer.  Nanc with Bentley, their wonderful golden retriever, who thinks he is a lap dog.
Fall is in the air and we are seeing more animals.  This flock of turkeys walked through the park.
On Friday we went to Pittsburgh to the Church Brew Works for a great meal and some oompah music.  I had a different Pittsburgh meal, buffalo chicken perogies.  It was fantastic.
Church Brew Works is celebrating its 20th year.  It is a unique brewery, having the tank on the old altar of the church.

We only have one more week and still have a lot to do here.  On Saturday we will be heading to Michigan to have annual service on Opus and then on to Elkhart for a couple RV repairs, including the AC.  Then we will be taking the rest of the month to get to Mesa, AZ  where we will be until the end of the year.. 


Bobbie and Jim said...

So glad you will be so close to us this fall. Please call us when you get to Mesa, love to have you over for bbq. Bill and Lesle will also be in the area in Nov....so we can have a mini class of 2007 reunion!

Peggy Quinn said...

Hey you guys . . . We are going to be in Yuma. Why don't we plan a weekend in Sedona. We miss you terribly. :)