Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back in WashPA

We left Essex Junction planning to take three days to get back to Wash PA.  The first night we stayed at Wally World in New York and were on the road so early the next morning we decided to do a long day and drive all the way across the state.  We called Pine Cove RV Park where we stay and were happy to hear we could come in a day early.  We have gotten to see many friends and have already completed many of our doctors appointments.  I'm happy to report I had a good check up at the dentist, dermatologist and eye surgeon, with no need for cataract surgery this year, but I do need to get new glasses.  Nanc does have to go back to the dentist for one bad tooth repair.  We still have appointments with out primary care doctor and Nanc's ob/gyn doc.  Hopefully those will also go well. 
Crossing the Delaware and we are back in beautiful Pennsylvania.......
..............where you are sure to encounter many many orange signs and barrels signaling construction ahead.  Somewhat of a pain, but much needed improvements.
We love going to our old favorite restaurants in the WashPA area and trying out new places.  This new spot, Bacon, Bourbon & Beer, is owned by a former student, Shawn Janovich.  While they are still in their "soft" opening phase we were very happy with our meals and are looking forward to many visits.  If you are in the area add this new place to your dining experience.
This was our first retirees Wednesday lunch bunch gathering this year where we always get together with so many friends.  Here are Reg, John and Pat. 
Lena and Linda
Ron, Becky and Nanc.
Tish and Sandy
Bill and Kim
Jackie and Dave 
Georgie and Chuck
Cheryl, Ann Marie and Joyce.  Out of all these people only Ann Marie is still working, but looking forward to retiring real soon. 
Another local favorite restaurant for us is Al' an Rubens, where they have great food and great music.  Josh on sax and Dan on guitar are former students.
We got together with Denise and Rick at Burgh's Pizza and Wings, another local favorite.
As I'm writing this we are at Rick and Denise's place on Lake Norman in North Carolina for a long weekend visit.  Also here is Betty and some of her family.  When Rick and Denise came to Betty's in the spring we discovered that her grandson Dylan lives nearby.  They invited Betty to come for a visit.  That will be the next post.


Ray/Wendy said...

With that triple B name that screams success. Great catching up with the gang.

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Beautiful Pennsylvania, you got that right.