Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week Three Happenings-Martin Accordions

Another week of music, food, friends and fun continues at Betty's.  Many of those things happen right here at the park at Betty's famous happy hour(s).  We have been here so many times and have already done most of the tourist spots.  So our stays now revolve around the happy hours and those four things.
One afternoon before happy hour several musicians at the park had a great jam session.  Each one brought their own style so there was all types of music for the enjoyment of all.
Friday was a super busy day staring with a short trip to buy shrimp directly from the boat, Lil Man.  We have bought from Rene before and knew we would get a great price.  The shrimp were small, but at $2.00 a pound who can complain.  We got ten pounds and then spent the next two hours cleaning them before freezing. 
Friday afternoon several people from the park were invited to Joe's, one of the musicians we have gotten to know from the jam sessions.  It was a fun time with plenty to eat and time to talk to Joe, Dave and Kristi, who we see at the Cajun jams but don't get to talk to a lot because they are playing.
The busy Friday continued at Betty's when Judy Bailey came over to entertain.  A couple of the musicians from the park joined in for a fun time.  Here is a link if you want to download and hear Judy's latest song. We always love hearing her music. 
A few new people arrived at Betty's this week.  Top are Jim and Judy who spent the night in their RV and Karen and Dave.  Bottom are Lois and Bob who we met here on our first visit eight years ago and Steve and Angie who have also been here a few times.
It looks to me that these two are up to no good.  We have been hearing about Bernie and his shenanigans for several years and after finally getting to met him everything we have heard is true.  Of course Merlene looks more like the guilty party. 
If it is Saturday it is time for the Cajun jam, that was held at Touchet's this week.  Because it was Easter weekend a few of the regular players were not there, but several others from other local jams that were not being held filled their spots.  The crowd was the largest we have seen in some time. 
A few of Betty's RVers  enjoying the music.  Top are Dodo, Bernie, Kathi and Dave.  Bottom is musician Dave with Bob and Lois and Dickey and Doris who we also met a Betty's before, but who were staying in a B&B this visit to Abbeville.
Check it out!  The dance lesson must have done some good.  It was not a waltz, but we did good enough that I did not step on Nanc's toes one time.
Easter Sunday started with an Easter egg hunt.  Everyone had to put a prize in an egg and hide it.  We were all allowed to find one egg and collect the prize.
Just a few of the prizes people found.  Everything from tools, to lottery tickets, to booze and one glove.  Bernie really likes the Michael Jackson look.  Of course that Easter egg hunt was followed by a wonderful potluck dinner.  I always say the bar for food is very high here.
Hard to believe we have been here for three weeks and this is the first time we have been out for crawfish.  We went to a new place called T-Bobs in Erath and everyone was very happy.  As you can see I went for the big tub (6 pounds) and I ate the whole thing.
On Wednesday most of the people from Betty's visited Martin Accordions.  We have been there before, but this is much more than a tour of how they make their beautiful Cajun squeeze boxes.  It is also a history lesson about Cajun and Zydeco music and a concert to demonstrate the instruments they use.
Right to left are Joel, Papa and Penny Martin, along with Barb one of Betty's RVers who has her own scrub board.  Penny remembered Barb and asked her to join them.  Here is a link to a video I shot of them playing old time acoustic Cajun music from our last visit.  If you are in Acadiana a tour of Martin should be high on your to do list.
Another reason we like coming to Betty's in the spring is we get to help her celebrate her birthday.  The birthday party always seems to push the already great happy hours to a whole new level.  
There is always a theme for these parties and you can guess what this year's was.  I don't know how many there were but counting the plastic stirs in the cake there had to be at least 100. 
The crowd gathered for the celebration with Betty leading the festivities.
Where else can you have a Grammy nominee to sing Happy Birthday? 
A few of those celebrating: top, Gil and Debbie, who just arrived the day of the party, and Barb, Rick, Jim, Bob and Lois.  Bottom are Betty, Carol, Donna and Calvin Touchet, Kathy and T-Boy, Richard, Jim and Keith. 
Judy Bailey was not the only person providing the entertainment.  The trio of Lynn, Dan and Barb also did a couple tunes.  As someone whose only music ability is listening and liking, I'm always amazed how many really talented people there are in the world. 
One of the many, many flamingos and the birthday girl.  
Look who arrived and are looking forward to a fun filled next week here at Betty's.  We are looking forward to a great week showing Tom and Georgie around Acadiana.


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Don't write posts like this, so much fun it just makes us want to be there.)

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A tub of crawfish, impressive!