Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week-Five, Lillian's 99th, Quebecios Good-byes and Hellos

Week five at Betty's started with the park filled and ended with more good-byes to friends and many new friends arriving.  The week was filled with a big celebration and our usual big four of music, food, friends and fun.
Friday was Betty's Aunt Lillian's 99th birthday and we had a huge celebration to honor her.  An example of how active she is is the fact she still drives to church, the beauty shop and grocery store which are all within three blocks of her home.  Recently she had to retake her driver's test and failed twice.  She finally told them they better pass her because she was going to drive even if they didn't give her her license. They did. 
On the afternoon of her party five RVs with our friends from Quebec arrived to join in the celebration.  Lillian loved it because she was able to talk to them in their native language, French.
Mirna, Mado, Betty, Nanc and Buddy gather to sing Happy Birthday to Lillian.  She did a great job with the candles, one for each decade.
Flat Rick made an appearance at the party and everyone loved having their picture taken with him except that guy in the corner.
I'm lucky I can do this at 69.  Rick got Lillian up to dance and she never missed a beat.  You gotta love these Cajuns.
It is neat being here at this time of year with everyone sharing their travel stories in French and English.  It truly is an international experience here.  We have met people from Canada, Germany, France, South Africa, Australia and many other countries in our years of coming to Betty's. 
Of course there was entertainment with Dave and several people from the park.  We sang Happy Birthday in English, French and Spanish making it a real international celebration.
Lillian, her niece Betty, great grand daughter Megan and her son Elwood (Buddy)
There was even an appearance from Mamo and someone from the Flintstones who came by to entertain everyone at the party.
As the band played on there was dancing all around.  Lillian had a great birthday party and is already looking forward to next year's celebration of 100 years. 
If it is Saturday it is the Cajun jam, this week at Touchet's.  Many of our favorite local musicians were there to entertain.  This is real foot tappin music that gets people on the dance floor.
Joe and Dave acting up.  Joe put his hat on Dave.  I'm not sure if he was showing how big his head is or how small Dave's is:)
Check out the new picture on the wall at Touchet's (bottom right).  It is a whole group of us from Betty's who always support the jams.  We are happy to have a place on the wall of fame.  Flat Rick also made the trip to Touchet's
Sunday we went back to T-Bobs for crawfish.  These are by far the largest mudbugs we have ever had in our many years of coming to Acadiana and also some of the least expensive.
Sunday afternoon we had a going away party for all those who were pulling out this week.  As you can see Denise, Lucy and Mado will have nothing to say about what happened at that party.
Evon, Germain, Alain, Jim and Michele celebrated with some Red Stag.  I think we all had a great time.....
..........I sure did.  We always have fun when this group of Quebecios come to Betty's on their way north from wintering in Mexico.  Mado has invited us to her 80th birthday party in Quebec in July so we have added that destination to our summer travel plans.
Most of the Quebecios left on Monday and on Tuesday Dan and Merlene headed out.  We always hate to see friends leave Betty's, but we know you can't come back if you don't leave. 
The group at Black's Oyster Bar for half price seafood on Wednesday was much smaller. At left are Noel, Judy, Dave, Ken, Marcie and Luc who are all here for a few days.  At right are Steve, Penny, Nanc, Betty, Barb, Flat Rick, Gloria and J C who all spent at least a couple weeks here.
A few of us helped Betty with trimming some plants and planting new flowers for the summer.  Gloria, Barb, Betty and Nanc all had a fun time playing in the dirt and adding plants to Betty's very neat happy hour patio.
Some people pass through Betty's for just a few days.  Here is solo traveler, George along with Kevin and Suzanne.  As with so many people who stop here they have vowed to return. 
On Friday my sister-in-law Denise and brother Rick arrived for a long weekend of full immersion Cajun therapy.  We are looking forward to sharing the good times of Acadiana with them. 

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