Thursday, January 14, 2016

Friends, Hollywood and Sunsets

We have moved to the Florida Keys Elks for the month of January to escape the winter chill the rest of the country is having.  While the weather has not been all sunshine and hot temps, it has been the best weather in the country, so we cannot complain.  This is our third January in the last four years here, so we now have many friends who we look forward to seeing.
A couple of mornings our view was a bit foggy, but still beautiful with the palm trees and tiki hut.
Several days that started overcast ended with sunshine that Nanc is really enjoying.
Here are Gary, Nanc, Joe, George, Linda, Kathy and Jean all gathered in the bar at the Elks and who were all here this same time last year.  It is always great getting together with friends on the road.  On our first afternoon here we were asking Joe and Kathy about their 2016 travel plans.  They told us the would be traveling toward New Orleans to take a cruise to Central America at the end of April.  Guess what?  It is the same cruise we are going on!  How neat!!!
Our favorite thing about this RV park is the wonderful sunsets we get to see by just walking 30 yards from Opus to the tiki hut.  The heading picture on the blog was taken here.
The Hollywood connection mentioned in the title is the filming of the Netflix series Bloodline.  We have never seen it but it is neat seeing them filming at several locations around Tavernier and Key Largo.  This scene was just down the road from the Elks.
They filmed into the night with big lights and reflecting screens that turned night into day.
About once a week a big food truck sets up at the Elks to feed the crew of Bloodline.  We did not see any of the big stars, Sissy Spacek or Sam Shepard, but it was still neat seeing the whole operation.
We also went out to dinner with some new people who were here for a few days.  Here are Nanc, Maryann, Larry, Pat, Dave, Kathy and Joe at the Pilot House.  Good food, a fun time and friends.
Another day and another great sunset.  This one may be as good as the one we use for the blog.
They are the greatest when they reflect off both the clouds and the water.  There is no place else that we stay that we can view such beautiful sunsets without having to leave the comfort of the RV park.  Just wonderful!!
Many evenings the sunsets go on and on for almost an hour, changing as the sun is setting all the way down in Key West.  Very Neat Indeed!!!


Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Awesome sunsets!

Ray/Wendy said...

Wow, those sunsets are breathtaking. Wendy and I plan to be in Florida next winter, not sure exactly where yet.