Saturday, October 3, 2015

Our Last Good-Byes and Hitting the Road

We spent the last couple of days in WashPA getting ready to hit the road after two months without the wheels turning and making our last time visits with friends.  Our plan to visit DC for a few days on our way to the Outer Banks was changed by the threat of Joaquin and another big weather event dumping rain along the East coast.  We ended up spending three days in the Laurel Highlands as we watched the worst of the storm head out to sea.  A good thing.
The 29th was Tom's ?? birthday but we were not able to tell how old he is by counting candles as we had planned to do.  You certainly can't tell by looking at him
Tom is well known for launching "things" into the air so we thought this was a perfect gift.  We were happy to hear from Georgie that she was attacked by a flying grape.  It is often hard to find gifts for some people and it is great when we find one that will be used:)  Although we sure hope Georgie stays our friend after this gift giving. 
We celebrated Tom's birthday at the Back Porch, another great local restaurant that is one of our favorites.  We also had dinner with the old card club on our last evening in town, but I forgot to take a picture.  It always seems like our time here goes way to fast but we had a wonderful time seeing so many friends and are already looking forward to seeing them down the road. 
Out first stop was only seven miles away at Valley Tire to get new back tires on Opus.  No that is not the body of the wicked witch under the rig, it is just one of the workers jacking Opus up.
We used the FMCA Michelin Advantage program and saved quit a bit of money.  I was very pleased with the service at Valley Tire, a local company we had not used before, and will keep them in mind when we need tires in the future.
Even though it was very overcast we still saw some great fall foliage as we headed into the PA mountains.  We took advantage of our time in the area and visited the Flight 93 Memorial.  A very moving experience we will write about in our next post.

So once again the wheels are rolling and we are looking forward to new adventures. 


Jan Mains said...

We will be heading back over to Brooke County, WV but once again when we get near you, you move down the road.

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Safe travels.