Thursday, October 15, 2015

On to Hatteras Island

The plan, always written in the sand, was to spend one night in Somerset and then go to Washington, DC to tour and see Nanc's sister Michelle.  Because of the storm coming up the East Coast, we decided to stay until Sunday and went to see the Flight 93 Memorial (last post).  When we checked the Pressure Pro tire monitor on Sunday morning as we packed to leave, we discovered the same tire that had lost air twice before was down again.  It turns out the issue was a leaky sensor and we had to wait until Monday to have the tire aired up in Somerset.  Because the worst of the weather had passed, we decided to skip DC and go to Hatteras Island a day early.  The joy of our lifestyle.
Two days later we arrived on the Outer Banks under sunny skies.  The Bodie Island Lighthouse is always the first sign we are on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  
If you want to see the Outer Banks the way it was before it became a major tourist destination you have to go over the Bonner Bridge were you will find miles of undeveloped beach between the seven small villages on Hatteras Island.
South of the bridge they are always rebuilding the protective dunes.  Because of all the rain there was still some water on the road in several places.
This "temporary" bridge has been in place for several years now.  The new inlet under it has filled with sand but they have not rebuilt to road.
The section of NC 12 on Pea Island is under constant rebuilding as the ocean is beating down the dunes.  Many people want the state to build a new causeway on the sound side of the island to eliminate this problem.  That would be a great improvement.
The last 100 yards of road into the Sands of Time Campground was covered with water from all the rain they have had the last month.  We have had some bad weather every time we have been here in October.  We are hoping that this storm is the last.
We arrived on Wednesday and Mike and Sherri came in for a weekend visit on Thursday.  It sure is great seeing friends on the road even after being in WashPA for two months.  I'm happy to report that the guys ruled over three nights of euchre.
Mike is still wearing the boot on the leg he broke in July, so rather than going to the beach to fish we headed to the Avon Pier.  Even though we have been here many, many times, this is the first time I ever fished on a pier.
And you can see Mike did okay fishing.  He had such a good time he even dropped the F-bomb -FUN.  I did catch a couple and we enjoyed the beautiful blue skies.
Nanc and Sherri went to the beach by the pier while we fished, but the pictures they took did not turn out.  Not sure if it was the camera or the photographers.
We had a great meal at Ketch 55 and as you can see Sherri had no interest in sharing her wonderful cheesecake.  How greedy!!!!!
Tom and Georgie have rented a cottage on the ocean the last few Octobers. We met them for lunch on the way in at one of our favorite spots in Nag Heads, Sam & Omies.  Mike and Sherri headed back to WashPA on Sunday and we are looking forward to a great week with Tom and Georgie.
Things are looking up with a beautiful double rainbow over Opus.  We hope to be here until early November if the weather stays the way it has been since we arrived.


Ray/Wendy said...

Good post, sure are due for a good spell of weather. Take care

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Its nice to sit for a while after days of traveling.