Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Beach, More Friends---Life Is Good!

We had another great week on Hatteras Island with some fishing, beach time and a surprise visit from friends.  The more time we spend on the East Coast the more we like it.  Unlike the Southwest, when you are near the water the night time temperatures stay much warmer.  In the desert when the sun goes down it gets too cool to be outdoors without a coat.  The more time I can wear shorts the better I like it. 
We like Hatteras because it is so isolated, but the downside is you don't have all the services offered in more populated areas.  Nanc has been getting her nails done the last year or so and could not find a place on Hatteras Island to do the kind she likes.  So we took a drive to Nags Head 45 miles up Highway 12 where I checked out the beach while she was at the shop.
Proof that the weather has been very nice.  Nanc soaking up the rays on the beach.
My favorite Hatteras pastime, surf fishing.  You never know what you are going to catch when you fish here.  Some days the catching is great and other days I just enjoy the solitude.
Just watching the ever changing patterns of the waves is so relaxing.
Sometimes a fish even takes the bait.  Life is Good!!!
We had been emailing Jean Paul and Celine hoping to see them as they headed south from Quebec.  On Friday afternoon they knocked on the door and surprised us with a visit.  We got to share a bit of one of our favorite places with them.
Of course that has to include a visit to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
And a walk on the beach.  They lived on a sailboat for seven years and have been to North Carolina, but never to Hatteras Island.
There has been a high surf warning for a couple days so the waves were attracting kite surfers.
We met Jean Paul and Celine at Betty's RV Park and have seen them there several times.  We also visited them at there home in Quebec in 2010, so we had a chance to repay some of their hospitality with dinner.  Making and seeing friends along the way sure is the greatest thing about our traveling lifestyle.
They headed out early Sunday morning going south on Highway 12.  They had two ferry crossings, one to get to Ocracoke and one back to the mainland at Cedar Island.  We had a great visit and hope to see them again in Florida this winter.  They are gone but not to worry, more friends are on the way. 

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