Monday, September 7, 2015


We had dental appointments on Monday with our new dentist who took over the practice after Dr. McCormick retired.  The experience was good and we are happy to report that we needed no work beyond the usual cleaning.  With that out of the way we had a great week of seeing many friends including the Wednesday lunch bunch, though I did not get pictures of that happening.
Always high on our must see list is our old stix and brix neighbor, Dorothy.  She was our second mom and did her best to keep us in line, not an easy job. She now lives in a senior housing apartment where she is going strong at 91.  We can only hope that we are as sharp as she is if we make it to 90.  Although, we already think she is sharper than we are!
Nanc, Jim, Chuck, Linda, Georgie and Tom got together for an evening of food, conversation and music at Al'an Rubens.  I taught with all of them in WashPA before Linda moved to Mesa where we meet up with her every time we are out West.  It was a great time getting up to speed with all them.
The music that night included former students Josh on sax and Dan on guitar.  If you love live music don't miss this group at Al'an Rubens every Wednesday. 
The old euchre club got together for an evening of cards, food and fun.  Here are Tim, Georgie (who won the big money coming in first), Tom and Di.
Mary Lou, Mike, Sherri and Nanc. When we lived here the club played cards once a month.  It is great seeing them all together again.  I wonder if anyone will notice what is wrong with the pictures of the card club.
Friday night was the end of an era at the Union Grill in WashPA as our friend and favorite bartender, Jimmy Brown, was working his last day before retiring.  It was an emotional day for owner Mickey, left, saying good bye to a loyal employee and friend who worked there for over 30 years.
And there was cake for all.  I think it may have been bigger than the cake we had at Jimmy's daughter Kristen's wedding last year.
While we will miss seeing Jimmy at the Union Grill, we are very happy that he is moving into the next phase of life.  We are already planning to stop and see him and Darlene at their new home in Ohio. We are also looking forward to being with him on the other side of the bar.
In addition to celebrating Jimmy's last day of work we had a great time with his wife Darlene and the whole Brown family who we had not seen since the wedding last year.
Our friendship with Gail goes way back to when she and Nanc worked together in the 70's.  We used to spend every New Years Eve with her and Joe and were there for their wedding in Las Vegas. 
We watched her kids grow to adults.  Here are Lynn, Gail, son-in-law Mark and Buddy.  Buddy had us all over to his place for a great evening of catching up.

Our friend Mel, who we stopped to see in Harrisburg, always says new friends are silver and old friends are gold.  This is so true even with so many people we have met since being on the road who have become gold friends.

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