Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Friends II

We had another great week spending time with friends.  The weather early in the week was the hottest they have had in the area this summer.  We did have a bit of much needed rain later in the week but  overall, we have had better than normal weather with sunny skies (very unusual for PA) and comfortable temperatures.
On Labor Day Tim and Di had a few people over for a picnic and swim.  Tom, Jim, Tim and Ron all enjoyed a swim to cool off.  It was really more like a float than a swim.
Georgie and Nanc soaking up some afternoon sun.
Mike C. and Mike S. swapping lies.  We had not seen Mike C. since he and his wife Judy took a vacation to Glacier National Park, a spot we recommended.  They had a great time and Mike shared their experience and some great pictures of the park.  Unfortunately, Judy was not feeling well that day so we did not get to see her. 
Our host Tim manning the grill cooking up some brats and burgers.  He even made some spicy burgers for those of us who like their food with a little heat.
Mary Lou enjoying a homemade gob, very yummy.
Our hostess Di with Georgie and Nanc.
Tom, Tim and Jim.  Thanks to Tim and Di for a wonderful day with friends.
Next was a visit to John's and Patrice's where they had the lunch bunch over for John's wonderful homemade, wood fired pizza.  The weather was not totally cooperative so Ron did a good job of keeping the chef dry as I waited for John to take the pizza out of the oven.
Donna, Pat, Becky and Nanc having a fun time.
Ron and Kim.
Nanc, Georgie and Donna.
Joy and Tina.
Sam and Charlie.
Ed and Tom.
The rain showers stopped and everyone moved to the patio.
Gail, Ann Marie, Becky, Tom, Linda and Phil.  I can't post the other picture I took of this group as it was NSFW.   It was a great evening getting caught up with friends and stuffing ourselves with John's wonderful pizza.
The week ended with a celebration retirement party for Jimmy Brown whose last day of work we wrote about in the last post.  The man sure knows a lot of people after 30+ years at the Union Grill.
Tom, Georgie, Darlene, Jim, Nanc and Jim.  Darlene and Jim had a great first week of retirement and are looking forward to traveling and just kicking back.  We will sure miss seeing him behind the bar but we are so happy for him and wish him a wonderful retirement.  He has sure worked hard for it.

It was another great week with friends in WashPA.  We only have a couple more weeks here and I still have a couple of doctor issues to deal with, but, as always, it has been great spending time with so many friends.