Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Friends, a Birthday and Doctors

Our time in WashPA is drawing to a close with a very busy week.  We had something on our to do list every day.  Some of those things were fun to dos, like dinner and lunch with friends and a birthday celebration with my little brother. Others things on the list were, hopefully, my final doctors appointments. 
Of course if it's Wednesday it's Al'an Rubens for dinner and music.  Dan and Josh were not there but it was great hearing a different group.
My brother Rick and his wife Denise at his 60th birthday celebration.
A toast to the birthday boy.  Happy Birthday Bro!!!!
Jim, Nanc, Dave, Charlene, Denise and Rick at Sienna in Pittsburgh for his birthday dinner.  I guess I must be getting old when my little brother is 60.  It was great this past year getting to spend so much time with Rick and Denise.  We saw them in Florida last December, then spent two weeks with them in North Carolina this summer and now this time in PA.  We are hoping they come to Betty's RV Park for a visit next spring.
We had a couple of visitors at our site.  They slowly moved along the edge of the woods eating leaves. Very neat but there are so many in PA that they have become a nuisance.
We always get the carpet in Opus cleaned while in WashPA.  We recommend Fristick's Steam Clean if you need this job done while in the area.  They did a great job and we are good for another year.
Check out the refurbished neon sign at the local WashPA newspaper.  It has not been lit for almost 30 years.  The different fonts go back to when there were two local papers that merged to become the Observer-Reporter.  Locally, in some circles, they are known as the Observer Distorter - the eyes and errors of the world :-)  Check out the sign if you are passing through the area.
On another evening we had a great dinner with Gail and Mary Lou.  We go way back with Gail when she and Nanc worked together in the 1970's.  Mary Lou was part of our card club and we are looking forward to again seeing her in Florida for the holidays in December.  Getting caught up with old friends is one of the best parts about being in WashPA.
While overall I have had good health I did have a couple of issues on this visit.  First, when I went to the optometrist he told me that my cataracts in both eyes needed to be checked.  After two visits with the eye surgeon it was decided that I can wait until next year to deal with them.  The good news was I did not have to get new glasses, but I already have an appointment for next August to address the cataracts. 
Sorry for the gross picture, but it shows the other medical issue I had.  My GP told me I needed to see a dermatologist to check out a spot on my back.  I was lucky to get an appointment on such a short notice and the doctor did a biopsy and found it was a squamous cancer cell.  I had to return and have the skin and fat around the area removed.  So at this point I only need to have the stitches removed next week and that should finish up everything on our to do list until we return next year.  That is a good thing as fall is in the air and it is starting to cool down which means it will soon be time to head south.


Ray/Wendy said...

Glad that spot was nothing to serious. We are starting to get hitch itch also. It's always good to come home but good to head out again.

Peg Quinn said...

So glad you're taking care of that spot. Because of the location, it tells me that Nanc spotted it. Good job! Men tend to blow that stuff off so I am glad you're being diligent.