Monday, August 31, 2015

Pizza, da Burgh,Bucs and More

We only had one doctor's appointment this week so our days were filled with fun things.  Of course we are enjoying our favorites restaurants and meeting up with friends.
Always high on our to do list while in WashPA is to have John's wonderful homemade wood-fired pizza.  He had his golf league over after their weekly outing and invited us to stop by for pizza since the oven would still be hot.  Here is the master at work.
I totally stuffed myself with four different pizzas including a Greek, veggie, all cheese and all meat.  The man is a master cook and he loves sharing his talents with friends.
The retired teachers lunch bunch celebrated the beginning of the new school year with a road trip to the Strip District in da Burgh (Pittsburgh).  The mural shows off the area with its many restaurants and stores.
We went to a new place, Kaya, that specializes in great Caribbean food.  Nanc, Ron, John, Patrice, Becky and Gail all have those big smiles because they are loving retirement and those two hour lunches.  Sure a big change from when we were working and had 23 minutes to eat.
Sandy, Tom, Georgie, Joy, Pat and Reggie all had a fun time.  It's hard to believe how wonderful retirement has been so far.  Here's hoping the good times continue.
After lunch we did a bit of shopping of the kind I don't mind.  We went to 4 different stores specializing in spices, meats, cheese, macaroni and just about any kind of food you can imagine.   
Another week and more music with the Dan Baker Trio and Al'an Rubens.  We love checking out the local music scene.
Mike is doing a bit better with the broken leg so I took him to lunch and a bit of fishing.  The fishing was great, but as you can see the catching left a bit to be desired.  Check out Mike's wheelchair, he got one with small wheels so he has to be pushed everywhere he goes.  After pushing him around for the day I understand why Sherri has been complaining about what a PITA he has become:)
Why is this woman smiling?  We ended the week with another trip to Pittsburgh to take in a Pirate's game and because Nanc has her Medicare card she gets to ride the T for free.  There are advantages to getting old and we love using all the senior perks we can. 
Wow, the Pirates are for real again after all those years when they set a major sports record for losing seasons.  With a winning team the crowds are bigger than they have been since the opening of PNC park 15 years ago.  Even the pregame festivities outside the park draws many fans.
Inside they were honoring the 1960 team that won the World Series over the heavily favored Yankees.  Many of the players are deceased but 12 attended the celebration including Maz (Bill Mazeroski) who is still the only player to win a World Series with a walk-off homer.  It was great seeing these old timers who where the first players I remember as a kid.
No doubt PNC Park has one of the best views of any ballpark in the country.  The views of the river and the skyline are fantastic.
Having a winning team makes it hard to get great seats.  We were in the left field third level but other than being further away than we have been before, the view is still great.
The Buccos celebrating another victory to move 30 games over .500.  They are still chasing the Cards but Pittsburgh fans are once again looking forward to October and maybe even November baseball this year.  
LET'S GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ray/Wendy said...

Looks like your having a great time in your old neighborhood. Enjoy!

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

23 minutes for lunch, brings back memories.