Monday, August 24, 2015

Back in WashPA - Century Inn

We are back in WashPA for a two month stay to get caught up with family and friends and take care of all our doctor stuff.  We have been real busy with all that and doing our annual thorough inside and outside cleaning of Opus.  We have been doing our best to keep all our favorite restaurants open by dining out almost every day and checking out the local music scene.   
Our first stop in Western PA was the Corps of Engineers Outflow Campground in Confluence.  The campground is on the Great Allegheny Passage -GAP Trail.  The trail is part of an all off road rails to trails bike trail that starts in Pittsburgh and goes the Cumberland, Maryland.  From there you can use the C & O Canal National Historical Park trail all the way to Washington, DC.
This is one of our favorite bike trails and we have ridden parts of it many times, including doing the C & O Canal trail all the way to DC twice.  Much of the trail is tree covered so it is a comfortable ride even on a hot day.
Most of the trail is along the Youghiogheny and Casselman Rivers.  This area was explored by George Washington in the 1750's as a possible route west over the Allegheny Mountains.
At the end of the bridge is Pinkerton Tunnel, the last tunnel on the trail to be completed.  We still had to use the bypass, but the tunnel will be open soon.  Doing the whole 335 miles from the Point in Pittsburgh to Washington, DC is still on our bucket list.
When we bought Opus in 2006 our second trip was to Confluence where we had dinner at the River's Edge, a wonderful restaurant and B&B.  We realized the picture we have on the blog was taken there so we took a new one at the same spot.  Guess we have not aged too badly.
One of our first stops was to see our friend Mike who had an accident while cutting the grass on a steep bank and broke his leg.  He had a rod put in his leg and is well on his way to recovery and driving Sherri crazy. 
We had a picnic with a few of Nanc's family, many of whom we had not seen for years.  Here is cousin John, niece Sherri and her husband Chuckie with Nanc.
Right is Nanc's sister Judy and her son Scott.  Left t Scott's daughter Haley and Chuckie's mom.  It was great getting caught up with all of them.
Many of the retired teachers that I worked stay up to date by getting together every Wednesday for lunch.  We always look forward to seeing them each week when we are in the area.  Bottom are Becky, Ron, Ann Marie, Joyce and Tish.  Top are Joy, Charlie, Tom, Georgie and Sandy.
Bottom are Pat, Nanc, Dave and Jackie. Top are Kim, Bill John and Reggie.  All but Ann Marie and Kim are retired so sometimes these lunches can last for two or three hours.  A fun time. 
We love the local music scene.  This is the second year we attended jam sessions at the Century Inn.  It is just several local pickers who get together and play a big variety of music.
You never know how many musicians will show up, but you are sure to hear some great music.

The jam is at the gazebo behind the inn which has been in operation since 1794. Over the years many famous people, including Andrew Jackson, Marquis de LaFayette, Henry Clay, James Polk and Mexican general Santa Anna, have stayed there. For the last fifty years it has been a restaurant, B&B and the site of many weddings.
Unfortunately, this may have been the last event at the inn.  On Monday it caught on fire and only the old stone walls were left standing.  It was closed that night so there were no guests at the B&B. The owner, who lived on the top floor, escaped but most of the antiques were lost in the fire.  She was able to save the historic Whiskey Rebellion flag that hung on the wall of the tavern.  
As you can see most of the wooden part of the building is gone.  They are looking at the possibility of rebuilding the part with the stone walls.  It sure is sad to see this old historic structure that we have been to and driven by so many times over the years destroyed.  It would be great if they could bring it back to life.


Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

You got the bikes out!

ladynomad said...

I saw that trail when I was at a COE park outside of Pittsburgh, but with all the rain and flooding, some of it was closed and I didn't get to ride. I guess I might just have to go back.