Monday, July 13, 2015

LKN State of Mind

We moved on to North Carolina for a two-week stay over the 4th of July to spend time with my brother Rick and his wife Denise.  We parked Opus at Ver-El Mobile Village near the Charlotte Motor Speedway. They offer a good rate of $125 a week when there are no events at the track.  We did have a couple of issues to deal with while we were there.  A fan motor on the rear air conditioner stopped blowing and a computer that keeps crashing.  We had a mobile repair service change the motor and have been on the phone with India a couple of times trying to fix the computer without going back to day one which would then mean everything would have to be reinstalled, but they still have not resolved the problem. Hopefully the next call will be the last. 
We did get to spend a few nights at Rick's place on Lake Norman and the wonderful view put us in the Lake Norman State of Mind.  That is Captain Rick's boat tied at the dock.
Looking from the dock at their condo which is the last one on the left.  They sure have a beautiful place.
This is how you get in the LKN state of mind.  Rick, Nanc and Denise floating under the hot sun in the warm water.  And, unlike the Carolina coast this year, we did not have to worry about sharks.
Our time there was like one long party with many friends and neighbors stopping by.  Denise, Nanc, Kelly and Charlene enjoying a toddy before dinner.  I was so distracted by the ladies I failed to get a picture of their husbands.
Over the weekend of the 4th the Antonettis, old friends from our hometown of Burgettstown, came down for a visit.  Marlene even cooked her famous lasagna.  It was great having time to get caught up with her and her family.  We were neighbors sixty years ago so Rick has known her his whole live.
It was a great meal enjoyed by all. Left is Marlene, her son John and grandkids BJ and Julie.  Top is Jim, Rick and Denise. Right is John's wife Kathy and Nanc.
Of course one of the fun things about coming here is getting to use all the adult toys.  Rick, BJ and Julie heading out on the Sea-Doo.
Nanc and I opted for the slower kayaks.  Their place is on a little cove so we were protected from the boats zipping around the main lake.
I even took a turn on the stand up paddle board and survived the experience without injury.  Not bad for an old guy.
There was also wine and board games for those who became bored with all the water sports.
Kathy and John.
BJ and Rick racing.  I think in this one the old guy ruled.
The kids showing off.  The reason I was not hurt was that I am smart enough not to try such a move.  All that talent wasted on youth.
The name of Rick's boat sure reflects that LKN State of Mind.  A couple of days near the water brings on a New Perspective and a whole new attitude.
We found this sand bar where we anchored and played.  It was less than knee deep in the middle but deep enough behind the boat that we could dive in.  We sent BJ to retrieve the anchor.
On the 4th we had big dinner with John manning the grill to cook the steaks.  They were done to perfection.
Friends and family gathered for the Independence Day feast. Nanc, Mary, Tim, Marlene, John, BJ, Julie, Kathy, Sally, Brent, Rick and Denise waiting to chow down.
Of course there was a bit of tomfoolery with buck teeth, moustaches and glow in the dark glasses to help us see the fireworks 
We had a great view with several neighbors shooting off fireworks as well as being able to see at least three communities along the lake shore lighting up the night sky to celebrate Happy Birthday USA.
On our last day we did a road trip to Asheville to explore the shops and have lunch in this funky little mountain town.  We even checked out one of the more than twenty breweries.  They claim to be Beer City USA, but while there are many breweries and the beer was great, they do not hold a candle to the West Coast brewing scene.  

This was the most time we have spent with Rick and Denise since we were here for Thanksgiving in 2007, our first year on the road.  We have seen them on the road and we always see them in PA but because they are working we don't get to spend that much time together. This was a great visit with all of us having time to get caught up with all that has been happening in our lives.

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