Sunday, May 24, 2015

Music, Food, the Project and Sex

While there are only a few rigs here at Betty's we continue to have a great time.  We heard some new music, had a great potluck and worked on a project for Betty.  Several of us also witnessed a gecko sex act and that along with working on the project lead to the question between Dan and I about whose was bigger and we ended up answering that question before the job was done.
On Sunday afternoon we went back to Poppa's on dat River to hear the Fa Tras.  In addition to the regular band of local musicians we have seen before, Coon Touchet, an 87 year old Cajun singer, joined them for a couple of numbers.  He is a Living Legend and wrote one of the songs he performed.
Becky and Fay, two RVers from California, went with us and loved the band so much they bought a CD.  They got the cover signed by all the band members and had their picture taken with them.  Very Cool.
Sunday evening we had a potluck.  We always say the bar for food here is very high and this meal was no exception.  Here are Jim, Donnalyn, Betty, Merlene, Dan, Ron, Reg and Karen at the potluck.  We also used the meal to celebrate Jim's and Reg's birthdays.
John, Sharon, Becky, Nanc and Fay enjoying another fun evening.  I added John and Sharon's blog On the Road of Retirement to my blog list.  I've added several blogs recently, as many of the people whose blogs I once read have either stopped rving or blogging.
The Project!!
Betty's signs where really showing their age with faded paint and rotting wood so Dan, Merlene, Nanc and I told her we would help her do new ones.  The project took several days as each piece of plywood had to be sanded, have two coats of primer and two of the yellow before the lettering could start.
Here is a piece of painted plywood drying after being primed.  Dan is working on medal flashing that we decided we would put on the top of the signs to protect them a bit.
The flashing was green so it did not go well with the yellow, red and black sign so Merlene is painting it black.
Dan checking the yellow paint to make sure it is good and dry so we could move on the the next step.
When the paint was good and dry the letter stencils needed to be laid out, spaced properly and then traced before the painting could start.  Fortunately, Betty had kept the stencils from the original signs. This job took a while as a lot of measuring and math was involved.
And then the painting of the letters began, a very slow and tedious job, that Nanc and Merlene handled very well.
Merlene, Dan, Nanc and Betty painting and tracing the letters.  Yes, some touch up was required.
The paint crew finishing up the big 4 X 8 sign.  The job of drawing the webs fell to me so I am now a web master.
After the posts where painted the finished signs went up as soon as the paint was dry.  All the workers were happy with the finished product.
Finally the big sign was ready to be hung.  We recruited Betty's son Reid to help with this part of the job.   
All the workers looking real happy that the job is done.  When you come to Betty's you will not miss the new, bright signs pointing the way.
As I promised a bit of gecko sex.  The guy on the right had BIG things in mind as he tried to get it on with the dinosaur we have outside our rig.
And here is the proof, even though Dan's is newer, mine is bigger.  We all love coming to Betty's and were happy to lend a hand with the new signs, all the while having a fun time.


Ray/Wendy said...

Super job well done! Putting sex in the title will probably make this your most viewed post.)

heyduke50 said...

yep a lot of hard work put into the sign making and a lot of fun discussing the ladders...

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Hm, is there a sign business in your future?