Saturday, April 4, 2015

Music, Good-Bye and Bonjour

It has been a busy few days at Betty's with a lot of great music, many farewells to friends who have been here since we arrived and welcoming many new RVers.  Because so many people were leaving on the first, we changed Oyster Thursday to Tuesday so those who were pulling out could enjoy those great treats at Dupuy's one last time.
On Sunday several of us were invited to Joe Vice's home for an afternoon of fun, food and music.  Here is a mix of locals and musicians from Betty's at Joe's.  Linda, Sybil, Dave, Chari, Kristy, Joe, Cal, Dan and Richard.  Here is a link with a short video of some of the music.
Lynn on the mandolin and Marie singing along while Merlene and Nanc sit in the Horny Corner. 
As the day went on more and more people joined in.  Marie, Merlene, Jean Paul, Dan and Lynn added to the fun.  So much talent.
Then Celine joined the action with Jean Paul. 
Lynn, Nanc and me.  Dan handed me the guitar for a picture and told me I could strum along as he had pulled the plug.  Without a doubt I was the least talented of the group.  Thanks to Joe for the invite to his place.  We all had a great time. 
So many people at Betty's have become good friends because we all gather each afternoon for happy hour and so many people stay for many days, weeks or months.  It is a tradition for everyone to gather to say good-bye and wish those departing safe travels.  Here the group is saying farewell to Ruth and Wendell and Tom and Ann.
And a bit later it was good-bye to Charles and Sandy and Jean Paul and Celine.  Peggy also left on Sunday but I forgot to get a picture.  By 11AM on Wednesday there were six empty sites.  Not to worry.  Betty is getting ready to fly the Canadian flag to welcome a large group from Quebec so it is time to say bonjour..  By Thursday afternoon there were 19 rigs in the park.  Two had to dry camp because there are only 17 sites.
We have met several of the Quebecois here in the past and were looking forward to seeing them.  Left are Lucy, Germain, Remi and Lucy whom we just met.  Right are Rick, Michele, Alan and Michelle whom we met a couple of years ago.
Left is Nanc with Lise and Mado whom we knew from earlier visits.  Right are Diane and Steve from Illinois who are on their first long RV trip.  They are staying at Betty's for three weeks and loving it.
More music at Betty's with John, Richard, Cal and Dan at the Wednesday afternoon jam.  For someone who has trouble tuning in the radio it always amazes me how much talent so many people have.
On Thursday evening we had a Cajun band at Betty's.  Here is a link to a short video of one of my Cajun favorites, Matilda, being played by Gerald, Toogie, Troy and Dave.  As you can see they had the place rockin.
I even hit the dance floor with Betty.  I can't play or sing but I can have a fun time.
It's too bad that Merlene decided this was the week to visit family back in San Diego, because she sure is missing a great time.  It took all these beautiful ladies to cheer him up.  It looks like he will survive.

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