Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Music, Food, Au revoir, and Hello

The fun continues here at Betty's with all our friends new and old.  We had a great time at the Museum Cafe Cajun jam and a big Easter dinner.  Of course the musicians here kept us entertained.
Apparently there is not a direct translation of Happy Hour from English to French, so Betty has always called it "Content L'Heure" when the Quebecois are here.  Jac and Lise had this neat sign made for Chez Betty.
Many of us went to the Museum Cafe for the jam on Saturday. Here are Germain, Rick, Mado, Michelle, Lucy, Michele, Jac and Lise enjoying the music.
Cal checked this music adventure off his bucket list when he got to play at the Cajun jam.  At first they seemed a bit reluctant to have a piano with the group, but Cal soon won them over.  Dan. right, also played the guitar with the band, but being a California Cajun, he has done it before.
As you can see Dan was still missing Merlene really bad.  Here he is with Diane, Brenda, Marie, Diane, Nanc and Ollie.  I'm sure there will be a price to pay for all this tomfoolery:)
More people from Betty's enjoying the music.  Left are Diane and Steve and Brenda and Rick,  Right are Diane and Steve (yes there are to couples here together with the same names) and Mike and BJ.
Like I say, you never know what will happen when we are here.  Valerie, playing the washboard, and her husband Darren walked into the Museum after driving straight through from Louisville, Kentucky because they had heard about the jam.  They invited her on stage........
.........and Dan invited them to stop by Betty's on Sunday afternoon to jam.  Valerie played the mandolin and Darren the banjo, so we got to hear some great Bluegrass music.  They also brought some Kentucky bourbon for us to enjoy, WOW!!!!! 
And what wonderful food we had this week.  Top left is a meal of pork, rice, sweet potatoes and black-eyed peas the Museum Cafe served to everyone after the jam.  An example of Cajun hospitality we have never seen anywhere else on the road.  Bottom left is fresh shrimp bought right off the boat from Li'l Man.  Can't wait to see what gets cooked up with that.  Bottom right is just part of the wonderful Easter spread we had at Betty's.  I always say the standard for food is very high here.  Top right is a tray of crawfish that we had for dinner one evening.  It is hard to believe we don't put on more weight while we are here with all the food we eat.
This was just the Easter dinner salad and dessert table there was another with more great food.
There was a big crowd for Easter dinner as every spot in the park was full.  
Some of the new hellos where people we have met on the road before.  Top left is Nanc with Marlene (whom we met here before who also lives near Rick and Brenda in Ontario) and Mark, a Class of 07 mate whom we have crossed paths with many times.  Bottom left is Marlene's husband Wayne making plans to jam with Cal and Dan.  Right are Rick and Brenda with Mark's wife Renita.  We sure are looking forward to hearing more misic and getting caught up with everyone's travels.
And we have to say au revoir to our Quebecois amis.  It is always a fun, fun time when they are at Betty's.  Mado and Rick invited us to visit them in Quebec next summer so we are already looking forward to that.  Isn't it great having a house on wheels.

We are looking forward to the next few days because, as I write, our WashPA friends Tim and Diane are flying to Louisiana for a visit.  We are planning to give them the full Cajun immersion experience of food, music and friends. 

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