Monday, March 30, 2015

The Cajun Beat Goes On with Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations.

We had another great week of food, music and fun at Betty's.  It all ended with her big birthday and anniversary celebration.  Many of the people who have been here for a while have started a new tradition, Oyster Thursday, that we were happy to join.  We plan to keep this tradition alive even after those regulars head out.
Here is the group at Dupuy's for Oyster Thursday.  It is not required that you have oysters, but if you like them this is the place to go in Abbeville.  Left are Tom, Ann, Peggy, Brenda, Rick and Nanc. Right are Richard, Tammy, Cookie, Cassandra, Jim, Keith, and Linda.  As you can tell by all the smiles, everyone loved their meals.
A few of Dupuy's best meals include raw and cooked oysters, great po-boys Abbeville pasta and eggplant both come covered with a wonderful crab meat sauce.  You can see why we will be going back.  You cannot try it all in one (s)eating.
We had a young visitor this week at Betty's, Jim and Cookie's granddaughter Cassandra who chose to spend spring break in Cajun country.  She had the full immersion experience from a swamp tour, to picking and cooking her own crawfish and ending with the Zydeco breakfast on Saturday.  She was a joy to be around and how proud Jim & Cookie were that she wanted to spend her break with them.     
If it is Saturday it must be time for the Cajun jam session.  This week it was at Touchet's.  We love the music and getting to see all our local friends at the jams. 
The week ended with a big birthday celebration for our wonderful hostess, Betty.
Betty knew there was going to be a party because her niece Monica told her she had to be away from home all afternoon.  She was really surprised when she entered the Louisiana Room and found it had been turned into a mini casino complete with table games. 
Monica and her husband Cordell in their casino outfits for the birthday celebration.
Here we are with the Happy Birthday girl.
Dan, Reid, Merlene, Marie, Jim, Rick and Brenda are all ready to celebrate.
Gerri, Rob, Stan,Jerri, Richard, Lynn and Nanc in all the casino finest.
On the left Cal and Sandy getting ready to play games with dealers Charles and Keith.  Right are Dan and Judy.
Betty with her sons Doug and Reid and her beautiful, wonderful, fabulous granddaughter Lucette and her mom Jamie. 
Betty was not the only one celebrating.  Jim's birthday was on Sunday and Tammy and Richard (who came to Betty's for two days and stayed a week) celebrated there anniversary.  Just more excuses to party, as if we need an excuse here.
As with all good times here there was plenty of food for all.  The bar for snacks is very high at Betty's.
The gaming went on into the night with Jean Paul showing Nanc and a few others a new dice game and Betty having a good time with all the scratch off tickets she got for her birthday.
As always, we had a fun celebration and we are looking forward to the good times continuing this week.  We were happy to learn that our WashPA friends Tim and Di we be coming to Cajun country for a visit after Easter and we can't wait to introduce them to the Cajun culture. 

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