Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Back at Betty's

After being delayed in Livingston for a couple days because of a battery charging problem that turned out to be a bad sensor, we headed to Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, LA.  We have been to Betty's every year since we went on the road in 2007.  It really is like coming home.  In addition to the wonderful hostess, there are the many friends we have made here over the years.  That includes RVers and many locals we have come to know.  Starting the first day we all gathered at happy hour, then on Saturday we went to the Museum Cafe for the Cajun jam session.  We are looking forward to the next several weeks of fun times. 
A few of the musician at the Museum Cafe for the jam.  Center is Dave and on the accordion is Black.  Both have played at Betty's.  Black not only plays the accordion he makes them.
The first time we came here in 2007 we met Ollie and we make sure we see her on every visit.  Nanc calls her the mayor because she knows everyone. 
More jam session pictures.  Local musician Joe and our RV friend Celine.
Dan and Merlene who are now official California Cajuns.
Celine and Jean Paul hitting the dance floor at the Museum.
Rick, Lynn, Brenda, Linda, Sandy, Betty, Nanc and Richard, along with several others from the park, went to see In the Wake of Time, a local play performed by the Abbeville Players.  It was an original production featuring stories of local residents.
These pictures will give you a good idea of what we mean when we say it is like coming home when we come to Betty's.  Most of these people are friends we have met here over the years.  Left are Richard, Lynn and Merlene.  Right are Tammy and Richard who just started fulltiming and are Betty first timers.
Left Celine and Sandy, right Dan and Peggy.
Top are first timers Iris, Joe, Linda and Keith.  Bottom are Jean Paul and Wendell.
Left are Jim and Charles and right are Rick, Brenda, Irene and Ruth.
Left are Betty, Cookie and Nanc, right are Cal and Marie.
Left are Ann and Tom and right is first timer Chari with a Betty's regular Louie.  Of the thirty people who are here we already knew 23 of them from past visits.  How cool!!! 
This is the creed at Betty's hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
In addition to the Saturday jam sessions, there are always many talented musicians to entertain us at Betty's during happy hours.  We did all this in the first three days, so you can see why we are looking forward to more music, food, fun and friends the next several weeks in Cajun Country.


ladynomad said...

Betty's is always fun.

heyduke50 said...

fun times, know so many of the folks in your pictures... guess it is time for us to plan a stop over at Betty's

Ray/Wendy said...

Hi guys, We will be at Betty's the last two weeks of April, Hope you are still there. Save some fun for us.)