Monday, February 2, 2015

The Sun Sets on Our Key's Stay

We wrapped up our month in the Keys with another week of beautiful sunsets and kicking back on island time. This is the fourth time we have been here in January and, while it is more expensive than other winter destinations, it is beyond a doubt our favorite.  We had a few cooler (60 degrees) mornings but only one day when the high was not at least 70.  Most of the month was warmer enabling me to once again go the entire month in shorts even though I did wear long sleeves a couple times.  I rate that as a very good standard.  Since we had already planned to stay in the East again next winter, we paid our deposit to return here after spending the holidays again with Mary Lou in Jupiter.  Not our usual way of doing things, making plans that far ahead, but the Elks only has 12 sites and they fill up quickly if those who are here don't commit to returning. 
Last Sunday clouds moved in as the sun was setting, turning it into the greatest sunset ever according to the locals at the Elks.
It just kept getting better and better.  The camera could not capture the whole scene.
Might be time to go back to this shot on the blog header.
The thing that makes these sunsets so great is how it reflects on the water, especially when the winds are calm.
It really all came together that evening.  The sky was on fire for almost an hour.  
Another day another sunset.  Not as spectacular, but the rays were neat.
Looking at the Elks Campground with the sun at our backs.  Just a small bit of paradise.
Another reason to return is the people we met here.  We had several happy hour sunset gatherings.  Right are Jean and Gary who also came in the same day we did for a month long stay.  Left with Nanc are Laurie, Linda, George and Ray whom we met here two years ago and who will be here next winter.  Again, making friends on the road is the best.
Another day another neat sunset.
And yet another day with another great sunset.  Even the props are the same.  I think that same pelican flies by at the same time every evening.
It was not as great as the others on our last evening, but who can complain after the fantastic month we had enjoying life on island time.

We are now going to Winter Garden for a service appointment before heading to New Orleans for a wedding reception on the 21st.  Depending on the weather, we will either hang out in Central Florida and sprint to NOLA in a couple of long driving days or, if it is warm enough, we will take a couple of weeks along the gulf coast.   Life is Good!!!!