Monday, February 16, 2015

Tarpon Springs and Friends

We moved from Mt. Dora to Port Richey with the plan to stay a week and then head slowly to New Orleans. When we realized that we would be traveling over President's Day weekend and into much colder weather we extended our stay through the weekend and will then sprint to NOLA for the wedding reception.  We did take advantage of our stay to give Opus a much needed bath so, of course, it will rain on our way west.  Mostly we have just been chillin and have been very happy that we are not in WashPA this winter.  We have had a couple of cool days, but nothing like the weather they have been having up north.  Two couples we met at the Elks in the Keys were staying nearby in Tarpon Springs so we got together with them to share travel tales.  
We did a day trip to Tarpon Springs, a town known for its sponge industry and its great Greek restaurants.
Everything in town is about sponges, even this old bike.
This is one of the few areas in the world suitable for a commercial sponge industry. At one time the sponges were collected with hooks on long poles.  Early in the last century they began diving for the sponge which revolutionized the industry. 
We met Paul and Trudi at the Keys Elks two years ago and were happy to see them there again this year.  They left Tavernier before us and we had planned to get together here on our way north.
Joe and Kathy, whom we also met at the Keys Elks, have been traveling with Paul and Trudi on a cross country adventure for the last eight months, so we had a lot of fun getting caught up with stories about their trip. 
Another day we had a happy hour sunset gathering at the park in Tarpon Springs where they are staying.  It is a very nice park that we will have to put on our future stops list.
The park is on the Anclote River and has great sunsets.  There are not many places in the area that have reasonable monthly rates that are on the water.

We have finalized our spring travel plans.  Tomorrow we are starting our three day sprint to New Orleans for the Frayer - Jonsson Culture Clash Bash, a wedding reception for Marissa and her Swede husband Karl.  We are then taking a couple of days to travel to the Escapees park in Livingston.  While there we are flying out of Houston for a one week vacation in Cancun, Mexico.  After we return we will be heading back to Betty's for six weeks.  For most of the summer we intend to explore the Southeastern states before going back to WashPA in August for our annual visit.  Some of those plans are firm while others are open to change depending on what we encounter along the way.

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Peggy Quinn said...

You might be at Betty's when Dan's sister, Patty and her husband Joe are there on March 25th. They are "eggheads" too. So shame them into making something on the Big Green Egg!