Monday, February 9, 2015

Out of the Keys

We spent a couple of days just hanging out in Moore Haven and one in Winter Garden on our way north.  We had a service appointment to have a couple issues taken care of and, as happens so many times, we had one that we decided to put off because of the cost.  The bearings in the dash fan are going bad but to replace it requires taking out the whole dash.  Labor would have been four times the cost of the part.  We can run the generator and house air or heat for a long time before we spend what the repair would cost.  Oh well, life on the road.  After our service was done we traveled less that 25 miles to be near Nanc's sister Judy and her husband Bill.  When heading south we stayed at Kelly Park, an Orange County park near them.  This time we stayed in another county campground, Trimble Park.
Something I had not seen in a long time, sunrise.  Very nice, but I don't want to make a habit of being up that early.
Our spot at Trimble Park among the moss covered trees, very neat.  There are only 15 sites with water and electric and half of them are on the lake.
Ibis hanging out on the park's boat dock.
A fisherman on the lake.  It was a place where we wished we had kayaks.  It would have been great to get out on the water.
The roads into Trimble Park have many trees, but at 12'6" we had no problem.  There are also a couple of local roads with weight restrictions near the park but it is a very nice stop that is well worth the short distance you need to drive on local roads.
We had a great time getting caught up with Bill and Judy.  They are a house divided with Bill sporting his Ohio State Championship hat and Judy showing us her new WVU tattoo.  Sorry, I failed to get a picture.
No, this is not in South Florida.  This is from a blog entry about Nanc feeding the fish at the Linesville Spillway at Pymatuning Lake in 2010.  A couple weeks ago I got a blog comment asking if they could use the picture for an article in the Adirondack Almanack.  Here is a link to the article with the same picture.  We never really know who is reading our blog.  Pretty cool!! 

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Ray/Wendy said...

Cool pic of the ibis on the pier and nice review of the park. Thanks for thinking of Wendy and her family.