Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Days at Betty's

We had several days of happys starting Wednesday with my happy birthday followed by Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Friday was happy birthday Nanc and happy anniversary Gene and Carol. On Saturday we had a happy time at the Museum Cafe Cajun jam session.  Our only unhappiness was Sunday when I watched the Steelers loose to the Saints in Who Dat Nation and Marvin failing to deliver on his promise to cook gumbo.  As with ALL events at Betty's there was plenty of food for the celebrations.
The happy birthday couple were well rocked, rolled and of course retired.
The crowd gathered for our birthday dinner.  Betty made her great seafood gumbo.
There was plenty of food for all and the gumbo started a conversation about whose was best, Betty's or Marvin's.  We voted on hers with the promise that Marvin's would be on the ballot on Sunday.  Sad to say he did not deliver so Betty was declared the winner.
All the same, people gathered for Thanksgiving dinner and as you can see there was a wonderful variety of dishes from around the world.  Two Aussies in the park, Ron and Rose, brought grilled veggies, sure glad they did not bring Vegemite:) 
On Friday, Nanc's birthday, Betty's son Brett (right) made a crawfish etouffee for lunch.  What a treat.  Here is Marvin explaining to Ron and Brett about his great gumbo.  Will we ever know?
Even though we come here more than any place other than WashPA there are still things we have not seen.  Just down the road from Betty's is the Bancker Grotto at the site of the first Catholic church in this area.  The church is gone but the grotto and nearby cemetery are very interesting.
From the grotto we drove along the Vermillion River on a quiet country road.  There were several areas where the road was lined with flags because when there is a high tide and south wind it can be under water.
This is the swamp in nearby Palmetto Island State Park.  A great little park we will never camp in as we always stay at Betty's when we are in the area.
The happy anniversary couple, Carol and Gene, celebrated 47 years together.  Congratulations!!!! 
And the crowd got real happy with Nanc at her birthday party.
Saturday was the Cajun jam at the Museum Cafe in Erath.  At the end of the jam they fed everyone for nothing.  Another Cajun hospitality tradition that makes us happy.
Vicky, Jay, Beverly and Marvin at the jam.  Really they were happy to be there.
Ginny, Bob, Ann and Ray who were so happy they got caught in Betty's web.  Ginny and Ray came for a week and stayed two while Bob and Ann came for a day and stayed a week.  Betty has many happy campers.
Ron, Rose, Carol, Nanc and Gene.  Aussies Ron and Rose are on a six months tour of the USA.  Here is a link to a blog on their adventure.  They invited us to visit them in Brisbane some day so who knows an overseas trip may be in our future.

We are in our last week at Betty's before heading toward Florida next week.  Being at Betty's is always a happy time, but if we don't leave we can't come back.

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