Saturday, November 22, 2014

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

We usually try to take it easy during the week while we are here because the weekends are so busy.  There are the daily happy hours and an excursion or two, but most adventures are over the weekends.  That said, it was another great week at Betty's with more people passing through, more varieties of food and, of course, more music.
This week we checked out a couple of places we have not visited before and one old favorite.  On Saturday there was no jam session at the Museum Cafe so we drove to Pop A Tops for their Cajun jam.  There were a couple of musicians we have met before and several new ones.  It was neat checking out a new place.  As long as we have been coming here we have heard rave reviews about Bon Creole (top) in New Iberia so we checked it out.  The raves were well deserved.  Nanc had gumbo and I had a shrimp po boy, both were great.  Don't be turned away by the shabby exterior, Bon Creole is a must do.  Another day we went to El Chile Verde for some real Mexican.  We have been here before and it never disappoints.  
Sunday is usually a pot luck dinner at Betty's, but this week we did breakfast instead for a change of pace.  As always there was a great variety of food.  The bar is really high here.
Bananas in Louisiana!!  Who knew?  Betty had to cut and hang them inside as we had a couple of nights with temps below freezing.  That weather has now passed and it is back to normal with highs in the 70s, much better.
Our first time at Betty's in 2008 we met Ollie (center) and always make it a priority to see her every time we are here.  We had a great visit with her and Elda at the Museum Cafe.  Ollie's 70th class reunion is this week and 8 of her 12 classmates are going to be there.  These Cajuns sure must live right.
On Monday it was back to the Museum to see Ollie and have a great seafood gumbo dinner.
No this is not a drug deal going down, it is Nanc and Betty buying homemade tamales from Helen. All kinds of food is a big deal here.
More new friends, Nan and George (left) who have been fulltiming since April and Canadians George and Sue who have been on the road since 2005.  It is great getting to share travel stories with new people.
Only in cowboy country.  Two guys riding their horses down the road in front of Betty's with a beer in a bag.  Wonder if they could get picked up for having an open container?
We decided to add a bit of Western PA food to the mix when we found pierogies at a Lafayette grocery store.  They were a big hit.  Laissez les bon temps rouler!!! (Let the good times roll!!)

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