Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First FUN Week at Betty's

Coming back to Betty's is always about friends, food and music.  We have made more friends here than at any other place we have been during our years on the road.  We not only see many of them around the country we, of course, look forward to seeing them here.  What can you say about the food?  It's all good; gumbo, boudin, fresh seafood, po boys and more.  And the music includes country, Cajun and Zydeco bands at the park and local clubs.
We got a message from Betty a couple of weeks ago that Scooter was here and would be staying until we got there.  Scooter is a Purple Heart Iraqi war vet who travels the country with Wang, his buddy on the right.  He is now traveling in a new Casita trailer.  It was great spending time with him before he headed down the road.  We hope to cross paths in Florida this winter.
We make so many friends here because attendance at the daily happy hour(s) is required:).  Top left are Wendell and Ruth, who we usually see here.  Top right are Wayne and Roxanne and Bottom left are Bill and Linda.  They have been Facebook friends for a while and we were looking forward to meeting them in person.  Bottom right are Class of 07 mates Sandy and Mike who we had not seen in several years.
Top left are SKPs Rich and Mary, who we met elsewhere and who we just missed crossing paths with this summer in Alaska.  Top right are Deb and Jim, Betty regulars who we had not previously met.  Bottom are Peggy, our hostess Betty and Marvin who we have seen on almost every visit.
Sunday was the first of many great potluck dinners.  The bar for food is very high here, so the food is always great with a big variety.
Here are Jim and Donna Lynn, Betty and Nanc with Donna and Calvin who own Touchet's were we go for the Cajun jam sessions.
Halloween brought out a few crazies. See if you can identify them from the pictures above.
And more crazies.
The Halloween party included a surprise birthday party for Carol who you can see was really not expecting a party in her honor.   Here she is seated by her best friend Bev who she did not know was going to be at Betty's.  At first she did not recognize her at all and was really shocked when she realized who was sitting beside her.
We even got into the party mode with our  role reversal outfits.  Betty does make me do things I don't do normally.
The sign in her Louisiana room says it all. 
Judy Bailey, Dave, Benny and a couple others provided the entertainment for the party.  Where else can you find an RV park with 17 sites that has a Country Music Award nominee providing the music.  You gotta love it.
Usually no kids are allowed at Betty's, but when your granny owns the place it's OK.  She sure is proud of little Lucette who came to trick or treat.
Saturday was our 45th wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a day of music and fun.  We started by driving 60 miles to Fred's Lounge in Mamou where they have been doing a live French music broadcast on KVPI radio since 1962.  You can listen on Saturday at this link
Nothing like Bloody Marys and beer for breakfast.  Left are Jim, Deb, Jo Carol and Allen.  Top, Nanc collecting our prize for traveling the farthest from within the US to get to Fred's.  It was a sampling of Jack Miller Cajun spices and sauces made in nearby Ville Platte.  Right, Nanc and me with Tante Sue, the owner of Fred's.  Check out her holster where she carries a pass around bottle of Hot Damn.  
The band was great with the fiddle and squeeze box adding the Cajun flair.  The woman sitting on the left in the background is the radio announcer who introduces the songs and reads the commercials, all in French. Fred's on Saturday morning is a must stop if you are in Cajun LA.   
After Fred's it was back to the Museum Cafe in Erath for the local French jam session.  We attend these every Saturday any time we are here, so we have gotten to know a few of the regulars.  Top left are Kristy, Dave, Cliff and Joe and bottom on the right is Gerald.  All the others were new to us.  If you want a fun time check out the Museum Cafe on Facebook.  We love being back in Cajun Country!


heyduke50 said...

yep can tell you aren't having a lick of fun there...

Ray/Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary! Party On!

Diane said...

Good friends, good food, good times... Life doesn't get any better than that.