Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another Week of Friends, Food and Music

When, like us. you stay at Betty's for an extended period you meet many people who are just staying for a few days or a week.  Many, like us, get caught in Betty's web and extend their stay or make plans to return in the future.  It is great seeing old and making new friends here.
On Saturday we went to the Cajun jam session at Touchet's.  While we always enjoy the the regulars' music, every once in a while we get a special treat.  This Saturday it was accordionist Richard Labouef who had the place rockin.  If you ever get a chance to hear him play don't miss it.  
A few people from Betty's at the jam.  Deb, Jim, Peggy and Dan in Touchet's "horny corner".  Joyce and John are first timers to Betty's.  Sandra and Buz, who we met here a couple years ago, still have a house in Ohio not far from WashPA.
Betty's veterans Carol and Gene being real brave at Touchet's with those Alabama colors on the day they were playing LSU.  Quebec residents Robert and Francine who are first time visitors.
Sandra, Buz, Jay and Vickie, who we have met here before, enjoying a Betty's happy hour.
Betty's niece Monica and her husband Cordell.  Betty with a former co-worker Willie who just retired and his wife Julie.
Deb and Jim celebrating their last night.  Look how well Dan and Peggy are getting along after being full timers for three weeks.  I've added their blog to my list if you want to follow the adventures of a couple newbies.
One afternoon a few of us drove south into the bayou to check out Don's Boat Landing.   It was wiped out by a hurricane a few years ago and when they rebuilt they put all the coolers and other heavy equipment on wheels for easy evacuation. 
And they have great Bloody Mary's
Another day and more great food.  Suire's is a must stop for real homemade Cajun delights.  It does not look like much from the outside, but it is famous enough that it was written up in the New York Times.
This week the first SKPs we ever met, Wanda and Wallace, (left) showed up for their first Betty's visit.  We have crossed paths with them several times over the years including this past summer in Alaska.  Right are SKPs Fran and Sharon who we camped next to in Bushnell the last time we were in Florida.  We are looking forward to more fun times and more friends, old and new, as more people pass through Betty's for a taste of Acadiana.

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Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Fun post Jim & Nanc. Enjoyed reading about all of the goings on at Betty's Fun to see of the RVers! Happy Trails, J&C