Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yanni -- Barnhart Wedding

Our first stop after leaving WashPA was in Cleveland for the wedding of our friend John's youngest daughter, Liz.  This is the third Yanni wedding we have attended since going on the road and as always it was a fun, fun time.
The happy bride and her dad.
The three sisters Rachel, Brittany and Amanda were part of the wedding party........
..... along with eight of John's ten grandchildren.  Only the two newest, who were born this year, missed out.
The new Mr. and Mrs. Barnhart.
We had some time between the reception so our WashPA friends came to our house for a snack.
A Pittsburgh tradition is the cookie table at weddings.  Usually everyone in the family would make a few cookies to share the cost.  But John, who loves to cook, baked 175 dozen (that is 2100) for this affair.  There was a big variety and even take home boxes so everyone had plenty to enjoy. 
Joey and Carmeta.  Phil and Linda.
Kim and Bill.  Chris and Lena.
John and Joey, no they are not brothers.
Nanc and I all dressed up, how rare.
John's wife Patrice's family.
Amanda and her in-laws with one of the newest grandchildren.  It is John's tenth, but her proud in-laws first.
John and Patrice.
John and Patrice with their 13 grandchildren,  The oldest from John's side is seven.  Talk about going from zero to ten in a hurry.
Ben and Liz, the happy couple
The bride and her dad.
John with his six kids, Amanda, Jason, Liz, Rachel, John Jr. and Brittany along with granddaughter, Adalia.  Counting new spouses and children the family has grown by sixteen in less than ten years.
A sparkling end to a great day and a sparkling beginning for the newlyweds, 

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