Thursday, October 30, 2014

South to Betty's

When we left WashPA our first stop was in Cleveland for the Yanni -- Barnhart wedding (last post) followed by an annual service and overall chassis inspection appointment at Spartan in Michigan. The work at Spartan only took one day so we decided to sprint to Betty's RV Park in Louisiana.  This meant we drove 1600 miles of almost all interstate highway, something we have never done in so few days since going on the road.  Below are a few of the "highlights" of driving the super highways.
Welcome to Ohio So Much to Discover.  Nice fall colors.
Welcome to Pure Michigan.  Where a turkey flew across the highway and, fortunately, into the side of Opus rather than Opus hitting it.  No damage.
Indiana, Crossroads of America, Lincoln's Boyhood Home.  Very flat.
Welcome to Illinois, The Land of Lincoln.  Seems to be a fight between Indiana and Illinois over Lincoln.
Approaching a high point of the trip, the first of three crossings over the Mississippi River.
Missouri Welcomes You.  Even if it was for less than 100 miles across the boot heel, we knew we were in the South as we saw cotton, kudzu and a dead armadillo.
You never know what you will see along America's highways.
Welcome to Arkansas, The Natural State, Buckle Up For Safety.  Glad they are concerned about our safety.
We are once again East of the Mississippi.
Tennessee, The Volunteer State Welcomes You.  We felt welcome even though we were only there for 15 minutes.
Welcome to Mississippi, Birthplace of America's Music.  We enjoyed the music on our last visit but this time we were on a mission.
Welcome to Louisiana, Bienvenue en Louisiane, Keep Louisiana Beautiful.  Wow, they manage to put the state name on the sign three times and in two languages.
One last crossing to the West side of the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge.  
What a trip!!  Two nights dry camping in the hotel parking lot in Cleveland, two nights with only power at Spartan, two Wally World stays and one Passport America park later we made it to Betty's.  We were greeted by friends old and new.  We are looking forward to a fun six week stay in the heart of Cajun Country.
We did have one issue coming south.  When I plugged in Opus at Spartan the readout on our Progressive Industries EMS system was just flashing and would not let the power into the rig.  Even though it was after 7PM on the East coast, Donald took my call at home and talked me through what I needed to do to bypass the system.  When we got to Betty's a FREE new board was waiting for me.  With the help of Mike I installed the new board and all is fine.  I have always been happy with how the EMS has performed and I'm now also real happy with their customer service. 


Bobbie and Jim said...

This is a fun post with all the state welcoming signs. That was quite a "sprint" to Betty's. Say "hi" to everyone from us.

Ray/Wendy said...

Sometimes ya just have to get somewhere. Hopefully a stay at Betty's is in our future, Say Hi for us and have fun.

heyduke50 said...

no doubt you will have fun now that you are in Betty's...