Monday, September 15, 2014

Soaring Through Another Week

Finally, all our annual doctor and dentist appointments are done and we are happy to report we are good to go for another year.  We also have completed the major inside and outside cleaning of Opus and the CRV.  It was quite a job getting all the Alaska trip road tar off both vehicles. We also had our dining room table top refinished by Tom's son, Tim.  It was showing the years of wear and now looks like new.  We continue to see more friends and support our favorite restaurants. 
When we were at lunch one day I ran into one of my former students, Matt.  He is one of several former students who are Facebook friends.   It is neat when I get to see them and follow their adult lives of work and family.
Another Wednesday and it is back to Al' an Rubens for an evening of Jazz and dinner with friends.  Here we are with Donna and Ed, who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of another grandchild, and Tom and Georgie.
While Nanc was out with the girls on Thursday Mike and I did a bit of fishing (and catching) while swapping lies at Cross Creek Park.  I failed to get any pictures of the nice small mouth bass we both caught. 
Another lunch date with Darlene and Jimmy Brown.   They had us out to their beautiful home for dessert.
They are planning to retire soon and their house is on the market.  If you know anyone in the WashPA area who is looking for a great home on five acres of land let me know.
More WashPA wildlife.  These two were just outside our rig in the RV park.  Deer in this area are so numerous they are a real nuisance and cause many auto accidents.  Between the two of us we have gotten four over the years, no fun.
On Sunday we were back at Al' an Rubens for a special Blues Brunch.  The food by Al and the music by Shovel Full of Blues was fantastic.  If you love music check out Al' an Rubens when in WashPA.
Also on Sunday was a special Wings Over Washington event at the local airport.  They had a few aircraft on display and.....
.......were offering rides for $25 as a fund raiser for Wounded Warriors.  Nanc did not want to go so my flight was with this 96 year old gentleman who was taking his first flight in a small plane. How Cool!!!!!! 
There I go.  I have flown and even taken lessons in a small plane, but it was neat to fly over WashPA and see how it has changed over the last few years.
Beautiful PA countryside.  Mike and Sherri's house is on the right.
Looking east at the new Interstate interchange.  Opus is parked somewhere out that way.
A view of the city with Wash High, the courthouse, the college and downtown.  Tom and Georgie's house is somewhere in this one.
Another look at WashPA.
And back to the airport.  It was a short flight for a good cause and it was really neat getting that view of the area.  As usual, we are keeping very busy during our stay here.

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