Monday, September 29, 2014

Fishin and Runnin

We got a call on Sunday morning that Mike and Sherri were going to the lake and we were invited to join them.  We jumped at the chance to spend a couple of days fishin, playin euchre and swappin lies. Later in the week Nanc went to lunch and shopping with all the ladies.  On Sunday Nanc and Tom ran the Pittsburgh Great Race.  I must be out of blogging mode because I failed to take pictures of several happenings this week. 
As you can see, Mike and I were real laid back while watching the Pirate game.
I knew there had to be a hitch, but just a small one.  Mike and I installed new steps on the stoop he had rebuilt on their last visit.
We had one overcast and one beautiful day on the water while the ladies did some shopping.  The fall colors are really coming out in Northern Pennsylvania.
Fisherman Mike (Capt'n Catfish).   He smiled for the picture, but he was totally out fished.  He only caught two while I caught ten.  It was a fun time even though all the fish together would not have added up to the length of my pole if laid end to end.  That's why there are no pictures.  Still, we had a nice relaxing time at the lake and once again the guys ruled playing euchre. 
The cabin is looking good after they had several trees removed letting in more sunshine.
We were up real early on Sunday morning to drive to Pittsburgh for the Great Race.  Georgie and I dropped the runners off at the starting line and then went downtown to find a parking spot and have breakfast while we waited for them to finish.  This is the line of racers waiting for a bus ride to the start.  16.000 people ran so it is a massive job getting people to the start. 
The big crowd at the finish line.
One happy finisher.  While Nanc missed her goal of finishing in under an hour by 18 seconds for a 10K race, she still came in 17th out of 63 in her age group. GREAT JOB!!!!!
You never know who will be in the race.  Here is Captain America.......
......and Wonder Woman.
The happy runners.   Tom finished in the middle of his age group.  Because his birthday is September  29th (Happy B-Day!!!!!) Tom has the distinction of being the same age for the race two years in a row.  My grandfather, who lived to 100+, had a saying, "You have to keep goin if you want to keep goin."  Obviously Nanc and Tom are trying to do just that.  Still running after all these years.