Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nevercold Refrigerator and Back to WashPA

While in Winnipeg our original plan of driving three straight days then resting two changed when the fridge, that we had replaced last August, began to act up.  The refrigerator part was not staying cold. Fortunately, the freezer where we had several pounds of halibut stayed below 32.  After doing some checking we learned that the company that made Amish replacement units was 1200 miles away in Shipshewana, IN and not very far out of our way so we drove four 300 mile days to get there.  The news was not good and the Norcold was living up to its reputation of becoming Nevercold, and this time in only one year.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  Last year I had a replacement Norcold installed thinking that after ten years of recalls, fires and failures they would have improved the product.  They obviously have not done anything to make their product better.   

Our travel plans changed on the fly the first day when the casino where we were planning to stay was having a huge anniversary party and there were no RV sites available so we pressed on the Grand Rapids, MN Wally World.  Day two, at the next casino stop all the sites were full but we were able to dry camp.  Day three we stayed at the Isabella Michigan Fairgrounds and were able to wash Opus.  Finally, we spent a night at J C Refrigeration in Shipshewana where we had an appointment to check the cooling unit.
J R, the owner of the company that builds the units, confirmed our worst fears that the Norcold unit was done, (bad news).  The good news, they could install one of their cooling units that they manufacture right there in less than three hours.  As you can see the new unit on the left has double the cooling coils as the Nevercold and is made with heavier tubing.  They also installed a fan to improve airflow and a metal baffle to direct all the air over the fins at the top of the unit.  It has only been a few days but we really do notice a big difference.  The Nevercold was set on six or seven to maintain the proper temp while the new unit is set on four.  It is doing a good job even here in very humid WashPA.  Hopefully, J R was correct when he said he had sold us our last refrigerator.  We can only hope.
In Minnesota we passed through Itasca County near the head waters of the Mississippi River and crossed it several times. 
More roadside oddities.  The Tin Man was in Grand Rapids, MN the birthplace of Judy Garland.
The highway along Lake Michigan is right on the shoreline, very beautiful.
The five mile long Mackinac Bridge connects the UP with the Michigan mitt.  It is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere. They say there is a great view of  lakes Huron and Michigan from the bridge, but I could not tell you as my eyes were only on the road.   
A beautiful Michigan sunrise.
We thought we would see a lot of motorcycles in Sturgis.  Then realized we were in Michigan not South Dakota:)
We saw many Amish buggies in Shipshewana. 
A beautiful Amish farm at sunrise.
Another great sunrise.  What are we doing being up that early?
Since our reservation in WashPA did not start until Monday we had three days to get there.  We called our good friends Mike and Sherri and got an invite to spend the weekend at the lake.  What a great way to start our two month stay in PA.
Enjoying the sunshine and doing a bit of fishing.  We caught a couple and had a great time catching up with friends.


Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Congrats on your new fridge! We also enjoyed reading your Alaska recap. What an incredible summer. Hugs, J&C

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Amish buggies = horse scat on the road and buggie traffic jambs. Can't wait till we head back east