Sunday, August 31, 2014

Busy Days in WashPA

We have been very busy the few days we have been back in WashPA. There are the miles and miles of dirt and dust to be cleaned off both the inside and outside of Opus and the CRV.  We have gotten some of the doctor visits out of the way and have scheduled others.  We have had dinner at many of our favorite local restaurants and of course have gotten to spend time with family and old friends.  Nanc did a girls shopping trip to Pittsburgh, we took in a Pirate game and had dinner with my brother Rick and sister-in-law Denise.
Our first Wednesday we met the retired teachers out to lunch bunch.  Here are Jim, Sandy, Paul, Gail, Ron, Georgie, Tom and Dave.  Check out Gail it was the first day of the new school year and the realization that she was now retired and did not have to go to school really hit home. 
Anna Marie, the only one in the group who is still teaching, Lena, Reg, Pat, Linda, Nanc and Jackie all enjoyed a great lunch at the Southside.
Seems that Sandy has been reading the blog and thinks the only way to get her picture on it is to be a bear with a fish in its jaws.
One of our favorite things to do when we are here is to check out the local music scene.  Dan on the guitar and Josh on the sax are former students who play at Al & Rubens every Wednesday evening.
We attended another music event at nearby Century Inn.  This inn, which dates dates back to 1794, is one of the oldest on the National Road.  It is now a B & B and a restaurant.
A couple of the musicians.
They even had an instrument I could play, all though it does require a bit of balance so you don't fall off the tub.
The wildlife is not as exotic as Alaska but there is still plenty in Western PA.  This family of turkeys walked through our campsite.
Another evening, another dinner out and more friends, Tim and Di.  It was great sharing travel tales with them for there upcoming trip to the Black Hills, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole.  
Sherri, Mike, Tom and Georgie also joined us at the Kopper Kettle, another local eatery.
We are happy that the Pirates have climbed back into the pennant race, so at the last minute we decided to take in an afternoon game at beautiful PNC Park, the best baseball park in America.
Mike, Jim Sherri and Nanc rooted the team to a great win over the Cards.
The bases are full of Buccos.  Nice crowd for a day game.
Great view of the Pittsburgh skyline as the fireworks boom to celebrate the win.  After so many years of bad teams it is wonderful to once again have winners like I remember when I was growing up.
Mary Lou, Sherri, Georgie, Di and Nanc did a girls day of shopping and lunch in Pittsburgh.  We have been having a great time squeezing so much into the short couple months we will be in WashPA.

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Diane said...

Always good to reconnect with home town friends. Have fun in PA.