Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Inclement Weather Cramping Our Style!!

As I said in the last post we decided to go to Twin Falls, ID where we could have the clutch in the CRV repaired.  We arrived on Sunday with sunny skies, temps in the 60's and a forecast of 70's on Monday.  From there the weather went downhill with several days of 50's with clouds, rain, wind and lows in the 30's.  When I talked to my brother who lives in PA we received no sympathy from him about our weather.  Go figure??  We also needed to get our mail with our 2014 motorhome license and our new credit card to replace the one that was Targeted last December and was about to expire.  We also decided to get new tires on the CRV.  If we were staying in the lower 48 this summer we could have waited until we were back in WashPA, but since we are headed to Alaska we figured now was the time.  With all that to do we decided to extend our stay to nine days.  Almost all the time was spent at the park because the weather was so foul.  After our wonderful warm winter at least we are getting acclimated to the cooler temperatures we are expecting this summer in Alaska.
Opus parked by himself at Rock Creek Park.  This was one of the few sunny days.  Three of the four days we walked we were rained on.  Maybe this is more practice for the summer, but many of our RV friends from the gulf shores, to Indiana, to the Rockies are experiencing less than ideal weather.
One of our only looks at the Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls.  We did no exploring of the area that does seem to have a lot to offer.  We only went out to dinner two nights which is very unusual for us but more practice for the trip north.
Our new car.  No, it was the rental we had while the CRV was being worked on.  It sure is better to have that done here than have a breakdown up north.
And the CRV all jacked up while getting new shoes.  Once again a bit more peace of mind.

We had two other issues with Opus that just came up since we left the Southwest that needed to dealt with while we were here.  We lost the cover for the brake light and had to have one shipped from Newmar and a couple of our Pressure Pro tire monitoring sensors died so we decided to replace them all.  Both items are being sent to West Glacier, Montana so our route to the border is now fixed.  We are sure looking forward to crossing the border and getting to Alaska.  As I write, the ten day forecast is much better for Fairbanks than it is for Montana.  North to Alaska!!!

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