Thursday, March 27, 2014

Palm Springs & Friends

We have just been hanging out and kicking back while enjoying the warm weather for most of our stay.  Last week we got a call from Allan and Sharon saying they had a change of plans and were coming to Desert Hot Springs rather than going to Sedona.  It was great having company for a week to explore the local area.
Every Thursday evening they close Palm Canyon Road in Palm Springs and have Village Fest.  There are several blocks of vendors selling art, crafts, and food.  There is also different entertainment on each block.  It is a great place to do a bit of people watching.  Here is Nanc checking out a vendors wares.
Allan and Sharon did buy some hand made soap.
This vendor had a huge variety of outdoor fire pits and fountains, some in the same unit.  They said they were even for RVers.  How about a fire pit with a laser light show set to music.  How cool would it be to pull into a campground and set that thing up.
Allan and Sharon are more adventurous diners than we are, so we always try places we would not do on our own.  There are a lot of restaurants to choose from in Palm Springs.  We had Greek, Mexican, Italian, Indian cuisine and good old American chow in a week of dining out.  
Check out this large variety of Indian food.  It was all very good with enough for a to go box.
This is all that is left of the Oasis Hotel that was designed by Lloyd Wright, the son of Frank Lloyd Wright.  For years the tower was the tallest structure in Palm Springs.  This small hotel is the only Wright designed building in Palm Springs.
What we did for a good part of the week.  Soaking up the sun and soaking in the hot springs.
After a week Allan, Sharon, Murray and Elsie moved on to San Diego for a couple of weeks.  It is always great getting together with friends on the road.
In the desert valley between Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs there are many huge windmills.  As I write we are discovering why they are located there.
The palm trees in the RV park are being whipped around by the 40 mph winds that have been blowing with 60 mph gust.  The local news reported the were 78 mph gusts in the area near us.  The rig sure was rocking and the dust blowing around was incredible.  At one point you could not see the mountain at all.  We sure hope this doesn't become the norm for the remainder of our stay! 

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